July 26, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1.  I have been a slacker with my meal planning, which has led to hodge podge meals and eating out.  And not making a grocery list last time I went shopping led me to buy Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, brownie mix (which I haven't made yet), and ice cream.  Oops.

2.  I love the new show NY Med.  Tyler can't watch it with me because he gets woozy.

3.  I really want an iPad.  Kyla loved my aunt's when we were down there last weekend.  There are so many cool apps for toddlers and I think it will help keep her busy when I'm tending to the baby.  Wouldn't that be an amazing push present?  What, you haven't heard of a push present?  It makes sense to me.
This picture made me laugh!  This will be our family some day :)
4.  I can't believe I ever slept without a fan.  We lost power for an hour the other night around 4:30 in the morning and I could not sleep without the fan.

5.  Thanks for all your comments about the doctor situation.  I called a new doctor and made a 37 week appointment.  If you didn't read about my little dilemma yesterday, you can do that here.  I will plan on delivering with the new doctor at the new hospital unless I go into labor before August 9th.  Maybe the money I'm saving us can buy an iPad?  :)

6.  I am pumped for the Olympics to start tomorrow night.  I love watching them!  My favorite sport to watch is gymnastics!
 7.  Tyler's grandparents are two of the most amazing people I've ever met.  They will be married 67 years this August.  Grandpa just turned 94 and Grandma turns 90 this week.  And they still live at home and are very independent.  Grandpa just had to give up driving, but still works out in his garage every day and Grandma still gets down and scrubs floors.  

They made the long drive down here to see Kyla when she was just a few weeks old.
8.  I have a Mrs. Mommy Facebook page now.  Go on over and "like" it :)

9.  Kyla was doing the little piggies with Tyler's feet last night.  It was so stinking cute.

10.  I'm finally getting my hair cut tonight.  I want to keep it long enough to get a ponytail in since it's so disgustingly hot out, but get a fresh, new look.

11.  How cute is this face?


  1. I want an iPad for the girls too. I think you deserve one after some of the discomfort you have had this pregnancy! :)

    Tyler's grandma and grandpa are so cute! And how sweet that they drove to see you and Kyla after she was born.

    (I am counting down to the Olympics too! And I can't wait for the gymnastics!)

  2. I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday, because I didn't want to splurge for the iPad, and I think it's a GREAT substitute. You can still get lots of cool apps and videos without the iPad price tag. Check it out! :)