July 27, 2012

Things I'm Loving

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you, but I have nothing exciting to blog about today.  But I am happy.  It's just one of those mornings where you wake up and can't help but be happy.  I know I have been blogging about being stressed out, being in pain, worrying about this or that, but today I am focusing on the good things in life.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Plus, after my pet peeves post a couple weeks ago, I felt like I should redeem myself by sharing some of the things I'm loving...

My sweet little girl - I can't imagine loving anyone or anything more.  She is my everything!

My hubby - But if I could love someone more, it would be this guy!  He works so hard every day and then comes home and all he wants to do is play with Kyla.  He reads to her, acts silly with her, wrestles around with her, gives her baths and is just the best Daddy a little girl could ever ask for.  We sure are two lucky ladies!

My mom - She does so much for me that "thank you" just isn't enough.  I don't think I'll ever be able to thank her for being so amazing.  I love you Mom!

My baby boy - He will be here in a month (or less)!  I can't wait to meet him!

Massages - My husband hates massages.  Hates giving them.  Hates receiving them.  Crazy, right?  Luckily he will still rub my back once in awhile when I'm in a lot of pain.  I would love to splurge on a professional massage, but they're just too darn expensive.  Plus I'm not sure how I feel about pregnancy massages.  I'll stick with the free ones :)

Surprises - It doesn't matter what it is, I just love to be surprised.  It doesn't happen often so when it does, it's a pretty big deal!

Comments - I love getting an email saying someone left a comment.  And I love that I can ask for advice and you will all be there to give me your honest answers without judging.

My hair cut - Oh, it was a long time coming!  I got it a little shorter than I had expected, but I absolutely love it.  I went to a new salon and loved the girl that cut it.  She was actually done with it and I asked her to go an inch shorter.  My hair is just so thick and grows so fast that I knew I would wish I cut more off in a week.  And even though my husband said these pictures looked stupid, I am sharing them anyway.  It's much cuter in person :)

Before - So thick and nasty!  I can't even remember the last time this was cut.

After - Ahh, so much better!
The Olympics - Opening Ceremony is tonight and I can't freaking wait!  I have always loved watching the Olympics, but this year is extra cool because a guy from my hometown (who was a year older than me in high school) is competing.  Go Mike and Go USA!

Football season - It's almost here!  Let's not talk about how our Brewers are doing and focus on the upcoming Badger and Packer seasons!  Usually I am here a few times each Fall...


But this year I will be sitting here watching the games (or at least having it on in the background while I take care of my two babes)...

Happy Friday everyone!  What are you LOVING today?


  1. Your hair looks SO cute, Amy!

    And, I am beyond excited for the opening ceremony tonight too. My girls want to watch a movie in my room, so I am hoping we can do it early or that I can talk them into the Olympics instead! :)

  2. Your haircut is super cute! We are excited for the Olympics too! Jill is such a sports junkie, I am sure she will be watching everything.

  3. Love your haircut! I'm excited for the Olympics too.

    I'm loving naptime, which can't come soon enough today! haha

  4. I too am excited for the Olympics!

    We will definitely have to try to get some play dates planned especially since I won't be hearing about you guys from Tyler anymore. Good for him though!

  5. I am loving that it's not 100 degrees outside today! :)

  6. I am loving that we got your grandma all moved into her new place. And I am loving that my daughter is such a good mommy. I too can't wait till that baby boy is born! See ya Sunday at the farm!
    Love mom