July 23, 2012

The (last) Bachelorette Dish

Last night was the 3-hour (yes, 3!) finale of the Bachelorette.  I know you're all so sad, right?

Although I pretty much expected the outcome, of course ABC made us think something crazy was going to happen.  Both guys met Emily's parents and I think it's safe to say that they liked Jef more.  Arie just seemed a little awkward to me.  Like I've said before, him and Emily had a physical connection, but I never really saw anything else between them.

Both guys were supposed to have one last date with Emily before the final rose ceremony.  She started with Jef and they sat on the beach for a long time just talking.  Emily didn't plan on introducing the guys to Ricki (her 6-year-old daughter), but she gave in and decided to introduce her to Jef.  At this point, it was very obvious that Jef was the one.  It was actually really cute seeing the three of them goofing around in the pool.

The next day Arie was supposed to get his date.  However, Emily had already made up her mind that Jef was the one and decided it was best to let Arie go and not drag it on.  Although she had a really hard time with it, it was a really good decision.  I felt bad for him because you could tell he was completely caught off guard, but like Sean, he will have no problem finding a wonderful girl.

So finally, it was time for Emily to let Jef know that he's the one and to see if he'd propose. 

Duh, of course he proposed!  And after about 10 seconds of silence, Emily said yes!


And then there was the hour long After The Final Rose.  I really thought we were going to get some juicy gossip, but to no avail.  Arie told us that he flew to North Carolina with the intent of seeing Emily and hoping she'd take him back.  But when he got there, he changed his mind and just left his journal on her doorstep.  Lame!  That's the "drama" you were getting us all excited about?  Ugh!

Emily and Jef seem so happy together.  He's going to move to North Carolina since he can work from anywhere.  I really hope it works out for them.  Although I wasn't sure about him at the beginning, I think they are adorable together.

It's been a fun season and I've enjoyed linking up with Meg.  Tonight Bachelor Pad starts.  I'm not nearly excited about this one.  I don't really care for anyone that's going to be on there.  But don't worry, I'll still be tuning in every Monday night :)


  1. I was routing for Sean the whole time but when he got voted off I was going for jef. Besides a physical connects with Arie I didn't really see anything else. I've never seen bachelor pad ever but I might have to tune in

  2. Oh thank goodness this is over---I feel so lefft out on these posts! LOL

    And what's up with that guy's hair?! hehe...it seems a little "tall" ;-)

  3. Shawna, you make me laugh! I thought it looked like he cut his hair down a little on last night's episode.

    I agree, Amy, I wasn't impressed with Jef in the beginning but they are just so happy together. I hope it lasts!

    Also, I was disappointed we didn't hear anything about the next bachelor. Don't they usually announce that? I have my fingers crossed it will be Sean.

    1. I read somewhere that they aren't going to announce the next Bachelor until the end of Bachelor Pad. I heard a rumor that it was going to be Roberto, but who knows if that's true. Now I heard he's not sure anymore so they're waiting to announce it because it may change. Hopefully to Sean :)