July 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday & My Dilemma

I think we ate out 3 times these past two weeks (twice for sure, but I think 3 times).  Oops.  But Saturday night we had a good excuse with Trevor and Jackie getting engaged :)

Here are my plans for the next two weeks.  I did it quickly and am trying to use up a bunch of ingredients we already have to save a little grocery money.

Monday, July 2nd - We'll be at the Brewer game!  Kyla and Grandma will probably have leftovers from today's cookout :)
Tuesday, July 3rd - Pizza (We will be at the doctor until about 4:00 and then Tyler has to leave for volleyball at 5:45 so we're making it quick and easy this night)
Wednesday, July 4th - Chicken on the grill marinated in Italian dressing, potatoes, vegetable steamer
Thursday, July 5th - Tator Tot Casserole
Friday, July 6th - Leftovers
Saturday, July 7th - Lasagna, garlic bread
Sunday, July 8th - Brats on the grill, french fries
Monday, July 9th - Taco Braid
Tuesday, July 10th - Chicken Alfredo
Wednesday, July 11th - Grilled cheese, tator tots
Thursday, July 12th - Crockpot chicken tacos
Friday, July 13th - Pizza
Saturday, July 14th - Cheeseburgers and potatoes on the grill
Sunday, July 15th - Hopefully going out to eat for our anniversary

So as I said, we have tickets to the Brewer game tonight.  But I just can't decide if I should go or not.

I want to go because:
-I don't get out of the house much.
-I'm always going stir crazy being in this house all day since it's been miserably hot out and I can't take Kyla out to play because I can't keep up with her to chase her.
-It'll pretty much be my last chance to do something fun this summer.
-Tyler's brother and girlfriend are meeting us there so I will get to visit with them.
-The food at baseball games...duh :)

I'm hesitant about going because:
-It's about a two hour car ride each way.
-It's a lot of walking and I am in a lot of pain just walking around the house to water flowers.
-It's going to be in the 90's today (I just saw this on the local news Facebook page:  Our area is "under a HEAT ADVISORY until Friday night.  Temperatures will range from 95 to 100 degrees this week.  Factor in the humidity, and it'll feel even warmer.")  Lovely!
-I'm afraid I will be really uncomfortable sitting in those hard seats for that long.
-By the end of my days, I can barely walk without being in tons of pain so I can just imagine how I'll feel tonight.

So I just don't know what to do.  I thought maybe it would help putting these lists in writing, but I still can't decide, haha.  Do I just deal with the pain for a night?  Or do I not risk it and stay home in the air conditioning?


  1. Oh Amy, I feel for you on these hot days!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I think I will be much more careful about the planning if we decide to have another baby :) January was perfect with Kyla!

    2. Well, after having me in July, I think there was a reason Aaron and Jill were born in January ;) lol.

  2. Well, as a "con" I did almost pass out at a Cardinals game when preggo with Brielle...it was hot and I was miserable and I couldn't enjoy myself at all.

    As a "pro", when we went to the last Cardinals game it was temps in the 90s and miserable all day....but it was a night game (7pm) and surprisingly I never felt uncomfortable the entire time. I think I would have died at a day game, but the night game was totally fine.

    If I were you I'd probably be more likely to regret *not* going, than going. Pretty soon it won't even be an option for awhile, so I'd probably go! Pack some bottled water and stay hydrated, bring a butt cushion for the seat...maybe bring a spray bottle of water to spritz yourself if needed. And think of the stadium food---maybe get some dippin' dots ;-)

    1. Thanks, Shawna! I was actually thinking about that I might regret not going. I'm going to pull out my butt cushion that I used at work while pregnant with Kyla. I always have the worst tailbone pain. I can't even sit on our kitchen chairs without a pillow. Not sure what's up with that!

      It is a night game so I'm hoping it won't be *so* bad. And Tyler is going to try to get me a ride from the car to the stadium. They have these guys that drive little tractor things around giving rides. So we'll see if we can hunt one down :)

  3. Ohh... tough decision! I would say just go and have fun because you won't be able to do it soon for awhile, but if you have a lot of walking to do, that is a different story because I know you are in pain from that!

    It is supposed to be that hot there this week?!? YIKES!!!!! I guess I don't mind MT and this air conditioned hospital right about now. :)

    Bachelorette tonight!!!! You will have to watch it later and then we can comment about it. :)

    And, my Meal Plan Mondays are going to have be adjusted now with me not being home. :(

    1. It is a lot of walking, but Tyler's going to try to hitch me a ride with one of those guys that drives around and gives rides. I'm willing to pay a little bit for it :)

      Yes, close to 100's all week! Can you believe that? Yuck!

      Yes, I will definitely be DVR'ing Bachelorette tonight and watching it tomorrow! I think Chris will go home, but I'm just so excited to see the hometown dates, especially Sean's :)