July 11, 2012

33 weeks

There isn't much new to report this week.  It's my week without a doctor appointment.  I can tell I've been overdoing it a bit because tonight I am in major pain and feeling lots of pressure.  I took Kyla to watch Tyler play volleyball last night and to Toddler Time this morning.  Both consisted of her running all over hell and me chasing her and having to pick her up a lot.  We also went to my mom's today, but thankfully mom and Brian gave me a little  break and took Kyla outside to play and for a walk.  And they treated me to an ice cream cone!  Tomorrow we will definitely be staying in and taking it easy.

How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain:  Right around 30 pounds.  I gained 32 with Kyla.  I just said to Tyler last night that I feel like my belly is as big now as it was when I had Kyla.  I wonder how many weeks I have left and if I'll go early and how much bigger this thing can get (the belly, not the baby, I wouldn't call my baby a thing, haha).

Sleep:  The last two nights have been awful, but mostly because I've had bad headaches.

Best moment this week:  Nothing really stands out, but just making it another week and having this baby continuing to grow and get strong.  I can feel the finish line coming!

Miss anything?  Not being huge

Movement:  Yes, last night Tyler got to feel his little foot going all the way across my belly and stick out.  As I'm laying here typing this, I am watching my belly move all over the place.
Food cravings: Sweets
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Just my migraine the other day that made me throw up

Labor signs:  No, but the pressure down low is back.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy for the most part, but my mom said I was grumpy the other day when I had my headache.
Looking forward to:  Tyler having all of next week off of work!

There is a photographer in the area that is offering a free maternity session for the first person to comment on her Facebook page.  My aunt shared it with me because she did my cousin's Senior pictures.  I was tempted to do it since it was free, but I'm just not into maternity pictures.  I don't know why.  I guess I just feel nasty even though I should probably embrace it and cherish these memories.  Plus I don't want to feel like I need to go buy a new outfit to look somewhat cute since the only thing that fits me anymore is stretchy capris and tank tops.  So I think I'm going to pass.  I hope I don't regret it.  I didn't do them with Kyla either.  At least I'll have these weekly updates and pictures to look back on I guess.  

What about all of you?  Did you do maternity pictures?  Am I making a mistake by passing up a free session?


  1. Another week - yay!!!

    How exciting that Tyler has all of next week off; any plans??

    I will say after my first two pregnancies I have regretted not having pictures of my preggos, but that is why I started these weekly shots. However, now they are really not that exciting and it's hard to tell how big I am in the hospital bed, but I would say since you are doing weekly, that is great and you will always have them!!

    1. We are planning on just enjoying the week with Kyla and spoiling her rotten :) My mom and Brian are coming up on Wednesday and the guys are going to get some projects done around the house. Otherwise we're planning on going to the zoo, having a picnic, taking Kyla swimming and whatever else we think of. I'm so excited!

      And I think you're right, I'm fine with the pictures we're taking. I'd rather have family pictures once the baby is here :)

  2. I took belly pictures to show how I grew, but I don't "get" professional maternity pictures really. I will say that nowadays they are better than the past. Frankly in the past I found maternity pictures downright creepy....with the husband hugging a naked belly etc. LOL. Lately I do see really cute ones where the mom stays fully clothed, and they are more like normal couple/family pictures where the mom just happens to be pregnant....and not everyone making love to the belly :-P

    That said, I still don't get the allure of having professional ones because if I paid for prints I'd feel like I should frame and display them....and I really have no desire to have pictures of myself huge and pregnant hanging in my house for any length of time, especially after the baby is born. I'd rather have pictures of the actual baby :-)

    If it was totally free, and free prints too, I'd do it if they weren't creepy hehe. If I had to still pay for prints I probably wouldn't, just because I'd feel obligated to buy some, and then I'd have prints that I didn't know what to do with. (that's my long winded response ;-)

    1. That's exactly how I feel too, Shawna. I always thought they were a little creepy and I know Tyler would never agree to do most of those poses anyway. And you're totally right, I probably wouldn't want to buy many prints, if any. I'd rather wait until the baby is here and get some good family pictures.

  3. Aww, I miss being pregnant sometimes! It so exciting!

  4. With kaylee and Keira I didn't do them. I agree with shawna they were creepy. Now they see better but again I wouldn't want to hang them in my house. I would rather have newborn pictures instead.

    Enjoy your week with Tyler how fun!!