July 3, 2012

32 Week Update & Ultrasound Results

I allowed Tyler to include my head in this one :)

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain: As of this afternoon, 29 pounds

Sleep:  The usual, although the heartburn is getting worse.  I usually get up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of chocolate milk, which for some reason at the time seems like it will help.

Best moment this week:  Hanging out with family, seeing and finding out that our baby is doing great and getting his name letters for his nursery wall :)

Miss anything?  Being able to spend time outside

Movement:  Yes

Food cravings:  Nothing too specific this week

Anything making you queasy or sick:  This heat! 

Labor signs:  No

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I think happy for the most part, except for today.  I ended up going to the Brewer game last night.  I was glad I went, but I am paying for it today.  I have a horrible headache and felt like I was going to pass out all morning.  And I'm a real joy to be around I'm sure.  Easily annoyed, short tempered and definitely wearing my grumpy pants.

Looking forward to:  Getting Kyla to bed tonight, doing some Thirty-One work and curling up to watch The Bachelorette from last night.  I'm also looking forward to Tyler having off tomorrow.
I had my 32 week ultrasound today.  Everything looks great!  Baby's heart rate was 142 and he is currently 4 pounds 9 ounces.  This is in the 67th percentile so a little bigger than average, but nothing too crazy.  According to the ultrasound, it estimated him to be upper 7's.  My doctor said if I go full term, she would guess about 7 pounds 10 ounces.
At 30 weeks I was measuring 34 weeks and today at 32 weeks, I am still measuring 34 weeks.  The doctor said she thinks it's all because of how he's positioned.  He is head down (yay!) and his body stretches across my belly and his feet over on my right side digging into my ribs.  With Kyla I had an anterior placenta, which just means the placenta was in front.  This time it is posterior (in the back).  This explains why I feel him moving so much more than I did with Kyla.  He is right in front where you can pretty much feel every little thing.  With Kyla, the placenta was in front so it was much harder to feel movement.  Makes sense to me!
I still wonder about my actual due date.  According to the first day of my last period (which is how they calculate due dates), it should be August 22nd.  But when I went in at 8 weeks for my first ultrasound, they moved it back to August 28th because I was measuring small then.  But today, they still had me down for August 22nd.  I didn't worry too much about it because it really doesn't matter.  But it does make me wonder when this little guy will come.
We got some cute pictures.  I thought it would be fun to compare Kyla at 32 weeks.
Baby boy Kattre at 32 weeks (He wouldn't take his hand off of his face, but finally we got him to move it out of the way)
Kyla at 32 weeks
 I love his little nose and lips :)
 As you can probably agree from my pictures above, I feel gigantic!  I can't imagine this belly growing for 8 more weeks.  Last night I got some funny comments at the Brewer game.  One lady asked when I am due.  I told her August 28th and she said "Wow, you're bi...I mean, no offense, but you're big!"  I just laughed and said "I know, I'm used to it."  One lady working at the slushie station looked at me and said "Oh wow!"  That's all she said.  Haha.  And then a girl in the bathroom said "Oh, I feel so bad for you."  People are so funny.  I guess I got the comments and stares because they probably thought I was due any day now and were just hoping I didn't go into labor at the game.  Little do they know, I still have almost two months to go!


  1. I will say, my back hurt just looking at that first picture! :-)

    Love his picture...I can definitely see some resemblance, but I think he has a different nose than Kyla! Happy 4th of July

    1. Haha, this is why I'm begging Tyler for back rubs every night!

      I think he has Tyler's features. Kyla definitely has my nose and lips and I think he has Tyler's. Kyla's cheeks were chubbier too :)

  2. the belly just looks big on your skinny body . I think you look adorable!

  3. You are definitely all belly! It is looking pretty big, but that is the only place you have grown! :)

    Today when I had my ultrasound, I measured two weeks ahead of where I really am at. I don't know if your doctor told you (I am sure they did) but it just gets more and more off the further along you are in your pregnancy. So, even though mine says I am at 29 weeks, my doctor says I am only 27 weeks. The first ultrasound is the most accurate. Plus, I know when we got preggos, so 27 is right. I wish the 29 weeks was right. :)

    I am anxious to know when your little guy will be here too, and I can't wait to find out his name!! :)

    I think his and Kyla's 32 week pictures look alike. Do you?? I remember seeing W's ultrasound for the first time, and I couldn't believe how much she looked like R. This baby didn't do that to us though; he/she looks a bit different.

    1. The doctor told us that it's not a big deal about measuring ahead. She really thinks it's just the positioning of the baby. We didn't discuss the due date. I figured it doesn't matter and he'll come when he's ready. I mean how many babies actually come ON their actual due date anyway?

      I think they look alike, but I agree with Shawna that their little features look different. Kyla looks chubbier and has my big bottom lip. I think the baby has Tyler's lips. I love looking at both pictures though :)

      And maybe this baby of yours looks different because it's a boy. It's gotta be, right? ;)

    2. I know; you are so right! How fun that you don't know when he will come!!! :) And your mom commented on one of my status's that she has her bag all packed to get up by you! :)

      Yes, I can see some differences. That is so cool that you see Tyler's lips in that picture!

      Haha! Yes, just maybe that is why. I have to admit, I thought the same thing when I saw it. :)

      Can't wait to hear what you thought of last night's episode of The Bachelorette!

  4. You are all baby. You do look great though.
    Awe he is a cutie. He does have a different nose & his cheeks don't look as chubby. I bet you can't wait till he's here. I'm almost 23 weeks & I can't wait for my little girl. At first it felt like my pregnancy was going by so fast & now it feels like its moving along so slow