June 29, 2012

Motherhood Maternity Update

Remember my rant about Motherhood Maternity?  I told you all that I emailed their customer service department to let them know how frustrated I was.  I usually NEVER do this, but I was so ticked off at this lady and the fact that I was out $50.  I was a Customer Service Manager before becoming a SAHM mom so when I say I never do this, trust me.  I know what it's like to be on the other end.  However, I also know what poor customer service is and I believe that the company should be held accountable.

Anyway, after a few emails back and forth, the district manager apologized and told me that they would be happy to exchange the shorts for me.  She said to go on into the store I bought them and "C" would be expecting me and would take care of me (I won't share her real name).

So I go back to the store and guess who's working?  The same snotty lady that I had the first time.  Great!  Anyway, I told her about my email from the district manager and that "C" should know all about it.  So this lady called "C" on the phone and guess who claimed she knew NOTHING about my situation?  I could hear "C" through the phone saying "If she didn't buy them from our store, there's nothing we can do."  I was so mad at this point so I told her I would pull up the email.

After a lot of moaning and rolling of the eyes, the oh-so-happy employee figured it out.  And by figured it out, I mean realized how easy it was to scan the old ones I was returning and exchange them for the new stuff.  Imagine that!  As I was doing the actual exchange, she made sure to remind me of the 30 day return policy and that it is printed on every receipt.  Gee, thanks, but I won't be back.  EVER!

Good customer service isn't rocket science.  And this little situation has inspired me to do a customer service research study.  Haha.  I am keeping track of everywhere I eat, shop, whatever and going to do a blog post about the good, the bad and the ugly.  You can bet Motherhood will be on there.  And not on the "good" list!

I'd love to hear about your experiences too, good and bad.  Since I don't get out much, the post probably won't come for a few weeks.  I need time to get out and do my research :)


  1. At least you eventually got them exchanged I guess!

    I actually *just* emailed customer service for something yesterday! Maybe you remember from my blog, but awhile back my SIL gave Raya a horse and doll for her birthday that you can color on and then wash and color again and again. Well I've washed the doll multiple times and it's held up, but the frickin' horse practically exploded in my washing machine and stuffing came out everywhere haha. So I emailed the company saying I had no receipt or anything since it was a gift, but how I was disappointed with the quality etc. Well they wrote back saying they are sending a free replacement, plus an extra bonus item, so I guess we'll see if it really arrives! :-)

    1. Yeah, I am happy I got something for my money. I actually ended up only getting one pair of shorts and a nursing bra. So I'm definitely happy for that. Just extremely annoyed with how snotty they are there.

      That's awesome that they are sending a replacement, plus an extra item. Hopefully this one doesn't explode in the washer.

  2. 100% pure has this amazing coffee bean eye cream, but their customer service is awful. So now I am on the lookout for a different eye cream.

  3. That is ridiculous. 30 days is short enough for a return, but the fact that you had the tags AND the receipt should have been more than enough for in-store credit.