June 19, 2012

Life lately

I've always been a boring blogger, but I think even more so lately.  Recipes, pregnancy updates, Bachelorette gossip.  Blah, blah, blah.  So let me catch you all up on what's been going on with us with my completely random thoughts and a break in between for a picture of my sweet girl.

~Kyla has been pretty good lately, but still has her moments.  She hasn't had many timeouts.  Usually when she's doing something naughty, all we have to say is "Kyla, next time it's a timeout" and she runs over to the timeout corner, takes a good look at it, and goes back to playing (forgetting whatever she was doing naughty).

"Who me?"
~I am actually very proud of us that we haven't eaten out at Culver's for weeks!  Like 4 or 5 weeks!  This meal planning thing is pretty brilliant.

~The baby's room is coming along nicely.  I will have to post a couple pictures soon.  I ordered some letters off of Etsy for his name to hang above his crib.  So I will have to take pictures before they get here and get hung up.

~I read that by 18 months, Kyla should be saying 10-15 words.  She only says about 5 right now.  She talks all day long, but just isn't saying many words.  And no "Mama" yet :( 

~She can now climb all the way up her slide and go down.  She also goes down the slide at the park all by herself.  She loves it!

~This heat is killing me and I barely go outside!  Kyla and I ran to the store tonight and I literally couldn't breathe.  Yuck!

~Kyla's new favorite thing is feeding her puppy and her babies.  My mom let her bring the little baby bottle home last week and she's been obsessed with it ever since.

~Tyler and I definitely have the house hunting itch.  We are in no hurry nor do we need a bigger house yet.  But we have been looking a lot and seeing what's out there.

~Thirty-One has been such a blessing and I am thankful every day that I spent that $99 back in October.  I will be promoting to Director next month and I'm so excited.  And proud!

~Kyla is so excited every morning when I go into her bedroom.  On the weekends when Tyler is home, we go in together.  Neither one of us want to miss out on one day of that cuteness!

~I probably won't do a 17 month update.  I am going to wait for her 18 month checkup and do one then.

~Kyla isn't feeling well.  She slept a lot today, barely ate, was very whiny and had a fever of 101.6 tonight.  We always put her to bed awake and she never cries.  Tonight all she wanted to do was snuggle with me so I rocked her for awhile before bed.  She fell asleep on my chest (arms and legs wrapped around the belly) and it was the best feeling ever. 


  1. What seller did you order the letters from? I want to get some to hang above my girls' beds I think.

    Brielle only says about 5ish words too. I keep thinking maybe after she gets tubes she will hear better and start talking more. My doctor must be more lax on the milestones though because he said at least 5 words, other than mama and dada, by 18 months. Brille only says Mama when she's crying haha...then she's all about mama. Otherwise it's just dada all day :-P

  2. I ordered from http://www.etsy.com/shop/spellitwithstyle. I didn't get them yet so I can't tell you if I'm happy with them or not. I wanted the 8x10's, but didn't want to pay that much so I went with 6x7. I really hope I like them! These are the ones I got: http://www.etsy.com/listing/100846572/framed-monogram-6x7-painted-letters They are still expensive, but I couldn't find anything else I liked.

    That makes me feel better. Kyla has never had an ear infection so I know that's not an issue with her. I will be anxious to see how Brielle does after the tubes. I know all kids are different and I'm not too concerned, but hoping she'll start talking my ear off soon :)

  3. I can't get over how cute Kyla is - I love that first picture where she is asking, "Who Me??"! :)

    I love your blog posts... maybe that makes me boring - haha!

    Yay on your soon-to-be promotion! I am SO proud of you too!!