June 5, 2012

Hello Third Trimester!

How far along?  28 weeks, but I went to the doctor today and he said I'm measuring at 30 weeks.  They're not changing my due date.  He said we'll see what my ultrasound says at 32 weeks.  That is scheduled for July 3rd.
Total weight gain:  21 pounds.  I actually lost a pound last week and then gained 2 this week.
Sleep:  Awful!  This has been the worst two weeks of sleep ever.  I lay in bed for at least two hours and can't get comfortable.  And when I finally do fall asleep, I wake up at least every hour to pee.  Last night Tyler offered to sleep on the couch.  He knows I'm uncomfortable and thought I'd sleep better if I could sprawl out.  What a sweetheart.  Unfortunately, I was still up at 2:30 so I told him to come to bed.  At least one of us should sleep well!  I know he just feels helpless and wants to do anything he can to help out.
Best moment this week:  Hearing the baby's heartbeat today.  Nice and strong at 150!  I also had my glucose test, but I don't get the results until tomorrow.  With Kyla, it came back high so I had to do the 3 hour test to see if I had gestational diabetes.  Thankfully, I didn't, but that 3 hour test is miserable.  So I'm praying I don't have to do it again.
Miss anything?  Good sleep.  I am just exhausted and I think I'm taking it out on Tyler.  Sorry Ty!
Movement:  Yes.  Sometimes I swear there are two babies in there.  I can't imagine one little guy doing all this.  They are getting painful!
Food cravings:  Gas station slushies, salads, pineapple
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really anything specific, but I've been waking up really nauseous this week.  I feel like I'm going to throw up until sometime in the afternoon.
Labor signs: After just walking to the park one night a few weeks ago I had a few really painful contractions.  They didn't last long thankfully.  The park is literally two blocks from our house and I walk really slow so I figured I'd be fine.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Our crappy internet and lack of sleep has made me incredibly moody this week.  And I've been very emotional the last two days.  I think I need to treat myself to a haircut, maybe a highlight, pedicure and maybe a massage.  To be honest, I feel fat and ugly and that makes me not want to leave the house.  Now I'm not writing this to get compliments so please don't think that, but this is my way of getting things off my chest.  Like I said, I'm just emotional.  Damn hormones!
Looking forward to:  Honestly, I'm looking forward to not being pregnant.  I want to feel like myself.  I'm looking forward to taking a break.  We haven't made a decision one way or the other about having more kids, but either way, I just want my body back.  As I've previously posted, I don't enjoy breastfeeding, but plan on doing it for at least 6 months.  Tyler figured out the other day that when I'm done breastfeeding the baby, I will have been pregnant or breastfeeding for 30 out of the last 34 months.  I told him I want a break.  He said I deserve it, haha.

Sorry for the depressing post.  Not all days are rosy around here :)


  1. I can't believe you're 28 weeks already! It's flown by (for me haha)...probably not as quickly for you ;-)

    And yes, you deserve a break for sure! Honestly that's exactly how I felt around that time...having two close together is exhausting on so many levels!! You'll do fine though :-)

  2. Wow 28 weeks already I agree with shawna it's going by so fast. I had to do the 3 hour gluecose with both girls & it sucked...so I'm hoping this time around I'll pass the 1 hour one. You deserve a break & to be pampered!

  3. That is crazy to think for 30 out of 34 months you have been preggos or nursing! You should definitely plan an afternoon out to get your hair done or a pedicure!

    How exciting you have entered into the 3rd trimester! :)