June 7, 2012

Happy birthday Grandpa Brian!

Today is my step dad Brian's birthday.  Him and my mom are spending a few days out at the farm so I took Kyla out today to celebrate his birthday.  Kyla absolutely loves spending time on the farm.  There's so much land for her to just run and play.  I don't have to worry about her running in the street.  She does like to run down the driveway, but she eventually comes back ;)

Brian is such a great man.  He married my mom when I was a Junior in high school and has been such a great husband and father, even though he didn't have to be.  And he is even a better grandpa.  His three little redheads love him so much!

I love this one of Kyla looking up at Grandpa laughing :)

We celebrated with a great meal, Culvers ice cream cake and cupcakes!

Happy birthday to you...

Helping Grandpa blow out the candles!

The girls had a good time playing in the pool too.

Kyla would rather play ball with Grandpa!

I think she likes it better with no water :)

Happy birthday Grandpa!


  1. It is so sweet to see Mr. Bennett as a Grandpa! You can tell those girlies love him!! Please tell him Happy Birthday!

  2. What a sweet day! I love the one of Kyla looking up at him too! :)

  3. I see she's starting to sit in the pool a little more?! :-)

    1. Yeah, she is getting better. However, my mom had to sit her down the first time and she didn't last long. But the second time she sat down on her own. I think it helped that Emma and Gianna were in there :)