June 1, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Internet, I'm not sure if it's Charter's fault or our modem or whatever, but could ya'll (yes, I said ya'll) please get it figured out.  I'm about to either have a nervous breakdown or throw this laptop out the window.  Or both.  We pay good money for you and would appreciate your services for more than 5 minute intervals, every few hours.  I have a business to run, a blog to write and my sanity to keep.  So please just do your job.  Thanks.

Dear Life, even though I may complain once in awhile, you are pretty damn good to me and my family.   

Dear Tyler, I love you!  Thank you for everything you do for us and for being the best husband and daddy in the world.  I'm sorry I give you a hard time about putting the toilet seat AND lid down.  I would prefer just the seat down so I don't have to lift the lid.  I blame this on the hormones.  Thanks for just rolling your eyes at me and not getting mad.  I guess if this is our only issue, we have a pretty damn good relationship :)

Dear Kyla, thank you for being such a great sleeper for Mama.  I'm sorry I can't take you outside every day like I want to, but you are still such a good girl.  I love you so much!  

Dear baby boy, thank you for behaving lately.  Daddy and I are busy getting ready for your arrival.  

Dear weekend, oh how I love you!  I'm looking forward to two more days of no real plans, but spending time with my two favorite people.  

Dear Mother Nature, can you make up your mind already?  Low 70's would be perfect with me.  Ok, thanks!  

Dear blog, thank you for being there for me and being a good baby book for our kids.  Even though sometimes I abandon you, you are always there when I need to get my crazy thoughts out of my head. 

Dear loyal readers, I know I haven't been posting many pictures of the star of the blog, so here are a few from our trip to the Children's Museum yesterday...

3 cousins getting their hair done.  Kyla prefers to let hers air dry (aka - she didn't want that dryer anywhere close to her head).

Her favorite thing...sitting at the coloring table playing with the melted crayons (and of course stacking them).

Coloring with Daddy

Playing with the magnetic shapes with Mama

Hanging out on Dino, waiting for the elevator (sorry for the horrible lighting)
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. Oh man, when my internet does that I about have a mental breakdown lol. I always make Lee call on my behalf and demand that it be up and running within the day because of my "very lucrative business" LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Kyla's face in the hair dryer picture is priceless!