June 24, 2012

Baby clothes are taking over!

We are finally getting things organized and ready for when the baby comes.  We were trying to decide what to do with both bedrooms, Kyla's and the baby's.  Mainly, what to do with dressers and all the clothes.  And we have A LOT of clothes!

Kyla had a little three drawer dresser in her closet.  We thought about moving that into the baby's room and just getting her a plastic thing with drawers for her closet, but we soon realized she has way too many clothes for that.  We decided to get her a little bit bigger dresser and move the smaller one into the baby's room.  We chose a white one because we want to get her a white bed when she's ready for a big girl bed.  Tyler and I put it together last night.  The drawers are smaller than I expected, but overall, it'll do the job.

It's already completely full!  We went through her hanging clothes and packed away all of the stuff that no longer fits and/or the stuff she never wears.  And this is what we were left with...

The stack of clothes on the top shelf are shorts that fit her, but I'm just not sure she will wear.  But I know as soon as I pack them away, I'll want to pull them back out.  But there is absolutely no room in the dresser.  Anyway, this top shelf obviously needs some organization.  The books will be going downstairs and the rest of the junk just needs a better home.  Then I can put her three little basket things up there that are currently on the floor.  They have socks, bibs, leggings, hair stuff, etc.

And then there's the baby boy clothes...

We washed everything this weekend and I have started to put it all away.  This is how everything looks as I type this...

All of this is 3-6 month stuff
Onesies and sleepers from newborn to 6 months (on the changing table for now until we got the dresser in here)

Drawer full of sleepers (Newborn to 3 months)

His little dresser that will soon be full (and I need something to hang on the wall above it)
Even though this little dresser matches Kyla's crib and her new white dresser matches his white crib, it just makes sense for Kyla to have the bigger dresser.  Plus she'll have a white big girl bed soon enough to match her dresser.  I did ask Tyler if we could switch the cribs, but he talked me out of it :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention...there is another huge load of his clothes in the dryer still needing to be folded.  That's why there are stacks of clothes on the floor and changing table.  I'm waiting to have everything folded so I can see exactly how much of each size we have.  Everything 6 months and bigger will have to be packed away.  I'm just hoping I have room for the newborn, 0-3 months and 3 month stuff, but there is a ton!  And there is a garbage bag full of 9 months and up that we are keeping packed away until we need them.

Our huge storage room in the basement is being taken over by bins and bins of baby clothes.  It's crazy!  At least if we choose to have a third child we will have tons of clothes for either gender.  Ok, here I go to fold the last load and finish (hopefully) putting away.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Even though ours was just doing stuff around the house, it felt good to be productive!


  1. Aww... Kyla's new dresser looks super cute all set-up!

    You are getting so organized, girl! That's awesome!! I hardly have anything out yet. A couple weeks ago I started to pull out the 0-6 months totes and just pull out the gender neutral stuff, but then I got bored since we don't know for sure what we are having. :)

    1. Thanks, Bri! I think you have a good excuse for not having your clothes ready :) It will all get done though, one way or another. I'm sure Joe and your MIL will be busy getting ready for baby :)

  2. hehe..love all the clothes! I actually finished organizing all of our clothes this weekend too!

    Looks like you guys need to get closet organizers with two hanging bars to hang two rows of clothes up :-) We are going to be doing that soon in Raya's room, to prepare for them sharing a room. Closets have so much wasted space with kids clothes because their clothes are so short and tiny---there is plenty of room to hang two rows if you add another hanging bar usually.

    1. You're so right, Shawna! We definitely need to get another hanging bar. Especially for Kyla because so many of her clothes can be hung up. All I have in the dresser is onesies, pants, skirts and shorts and sleepers. Boys clothes, however...it seems like everything should go in the dresser. All we really have our onesies, sleepers and pants. I may just need to hang the onesies. I'm sure it will all come together though :)

    2. For the boy closet you could get an organizer that has more built in shelves and cubbies, rather than so much hanging space maybe? Some of the closet systems are really pricey, but I've been looking at some of the white metal type ones rather than wood, and those tend to be a lot cheaper, especially if you install them yourself. You'll have to wait and see how badly we butcher ours first haha ;-)

    3. Yeah, can you get on that and make sure to blog about and include lots of pictures? ;)

      I definitely think more shelves and cubbies would be best so I can fold things and stack them in there.

      We still need to get some shelving for our closets in the basement so maybe I can talk Tyler into getting these when do all that!