June 13, 2012

29 weeks

How far along?  29 weeks
Total weight gain:  About 25 pounds, definitely on track to beat my 32 pounds gained with Kyla.
Sleep:  (Knock on wood) I've been sleeping better this week.  It hasn't been great, don't get me wrong, but much improved from last week!  I realized that last week I was much more stressed out so I'm sure that played a factor.
Best moment this week:  Having the glucose test come back positive.  No 3 hour test this time!  And also finalizing the name 100% by ordering a personalized shirt from my blogger friend, Shawna :)
Miss anything?  Some of my favorite TV shows:  Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order SVU and Survivor, just to name a few.  But Big Brother starts July 12th...can't wait!
Movement:  Yes, and lots of it.
Food cravings:  Pretzel sticks dipped in Nutella.  I finished the jar last night and am crossing my fingers that Tyler gets home before the grocery store closes so he can get me some more :)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Leftovers.  I tried a new recipe last night and loved it and tonight we had tons of leftovers that I planned for dinner, but I couldn't even think about heating anything up to eat.  Plus my MIL made meatballs over the weekend (which were also delicious at the time) and we had some left that we threw away tonight.  Tyler scooped them into the bag that I was holding and I thought I was going to lose it. 
Labor signs: I thought I was having bad contractions Saturday night, but it was a false alarm.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Tyler's not here so I can't ask him, but I think I was happier this week.  I'm not sure it can get worse than last week though.
Looking forward to: Celebrating Father's Day and Tyler's birthday (next Wednesday).

So last week when I mentioned that I felt like there were two babies in there...I think I really freaked Tyler out.  He has said a couple times this week, "What if it IS two babies?"  Haha.  I know there isn't, but it just amazes me how much movement I feel.  I've had 3 ultrasounds so no need to worry.  But I did tell him that at least we have plenty of clothes so we wouldn't have to worry about that!
The big 3-0 next week.  No, I'm not turning 30 (yet), but 30 weeks.  Woo hoo!


  1. How relieving that you will be at 30 weeks next week... yay!

    I keep saying I don't understand how I can't have twins in my belly either. I am just so much bigger and gaining WAY more weight! :)

    You look great!

  2. Yay for passing the one hour test! I failed it with Raya and had to do the 3 hour too...and then passed the one hour with Brielle---it's such a relief!

    You may be bigger this time, but you are all belly! Maybe you'll have a 25 pound baby ;-)

  3. Could you imagine if you really did have twins in there?! I think shocked would be an understatement for sure! Ha!

    Congratulations on passing the 1 hr glucose test. I passed it with K but then failed it with A. The 3 hour one was nasty but luckily I passed it. Good thing, because there was no way I could have given up sweets when I was pregnant with her. Can we say addicted?!

    Super cute baby belly!!!