May 27, 2012

Tot School - 16.5 months

Tot School
Kyla is 16.5 months old.

I didn't do a new color bin this week.  So far we have done red, blue, yellow and green.  Obviously Kyla can't recognize the colors yet, but I still feel like continuing with a different color each week may be a little much.  I am going to continue reviewing the four colors she has been introduced to for a few weeks.  My long term plan is to do colors and shapes each week until she turns 2.  Then, we will start with the alphabet, doing one letter per week.  However, I am having a baby at the end of August so it's very possible this will all change.  But I'm hoping by the time Kyla is 2, the baby will be about 4 months, and hopefully I will be a good Tot School routine!

We did do two Tot Trays this week.  Our first one was the  Stack & Roll Cups.

Kyla is really into stacking things lately so she loved these.  Of course she isn't able to put them in the right order, but we still have a lot of fun with them.

 Our other tray this week was actually with our pocket chart to review our four colors.  I picked up a bunch of free paint sample cards (not sure if there is a more proper name for them) and laminated them.  And since Kyla LOVES playing with popsicle sticks, we just matched the colored sticks with the cards.  It's a great color matching activity (and cheap)!

Here are some other things Kyla enjoyed this week:
She's always pulling her Learning Piggy Bank off the shelf to play with.
She's becoming a great little Mommy to her babies.  She's learning how to hold them, put them to bed, feed them and burp them.
 Coloring.  However, Kyla decided this week to start eating the crayons so this didn't last long each day.  She's never tried eating them before so hopefully this doesn't last!

Since she loves popsicle sticks so much, her Parmesan cheese container has become her favorite, every day toy.  She is starting to figure out how to get the lid on and off and just loves putting those sticks in and taking them out.  It's amazing how much entertainment they provide!  As she puts them in one at a time, we count them every time.  Now if I'm not paying attention and she starts putting them in, she holds one up and looks at me, waiting for me to count :)
She figured out that the bottom of her blocks would be a good place to put popsicle sticks too.

Another Kyla-invented activity...stacking my decorative blocks.  She really concentrates on this, but gets easily frustrated when they fall over.

Being very careful!

I love the concentration :)
We read lots of books!  She's getting really good about pointing to the objects when I ask her where they are.

This is by far her favorite book lately.  Between Tyler and I, I bet we read it 15 times a day.

Baby Mickey's Book of Shapes 
 My favorite picture of the week was this one of Kyla and Daddy having fun splashing in the pool.

If you're a new follower and you also do Tot School, please leave a comment so I can follow your blog too.   Thanks :)


  1. You always have the best tot school ideas!

    Love the pool picture :-)

  2. You are so smart and creative! I love that you took paint samples to help her learn the colors - super cheap ideas! Once this new baby of ours is able to do TOT School, I am sure I will be coming back to your posts for ideas!

    Kyla looks like she really enjoys doing all of this; great job mom!!

  3. I love that she put the Popsicle sticks in the block car! Kids are so creative. I do tot school with my 15 month old, and have a similar plan just to rotate through colors and shapes until 2 then work on numbers and letters.

    And I'm kind of jealous you daughter just started putting crayons in her mouth, I cannot stop my son from doing this. I made him toddler crayons so he won't choke, but still it means we almost never color.