May 17, 2012

Still a work in progress

Well, what do you think of the changes so far?  It's ok, you can be honest, haha.  I just needed a change.  It's definitely still a work in progress though so be patient with me.  I know I need to change the font color over where it shows my previous posts because it's orange on an orange flower.

I added to the Kyla Pearl page so you'll all have to check that out.  I added a picture from each month of her life so far.  Since I didn't start blogging until she was about 7 months, you can see some of her pictures from the earlier months.  It's so much fun looking back and seeing how much she's grown!

I also added the Tot School page because I know I have some new followers that basically come just for those posts and ideas.  This page is still a work in progress too.

I'm still working on some other creative things, but it's a slow process because well, let's face it, I'm not a very creative person.  I'm learning as I go though!

I have to end this because the finale of Grey's Anatomy is on and Tyler's waiting for me so we can watch it together.  But I wanted to share this video of Kyla swinging at the park.  She got a little distracted in the middle because the neighbor's dog was out and she LOVES puppies!  And then she got the hiccups at the end from laughing too much.

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  1. That is such a cute video! Love hearing her laugh!!