May 12, 2012

Saturday Randoms

1.  What did you all think of Grey's Anatomy Thursday night?  I think the plane crash is a little dramatic, but I kind of expect that with Grey's.  And I saw there is going to be another season so it makes me wonder who (if anyone) will die.

2.  Who else is pumped for the Bachelorette on Monday?  I have never been more excited for any of the seasons than I am with Emily.  I really hope it works for her.

3.  Tyler is painting the baby's room.  He's finishing it up right now actually.  I will post before and after pictures later, but here is one of Kyla helping Daddy take the outlet plate off...

4.  I have so many blog posts started because I get ideas in my head and want to get them down in writing so I don't forget.  But I just haven't gone back to them to finish them.

5.  I love that Kyla is taking such great naps.  Some days I will say "Kyla, are you ready for a nap?" and she literally walks into her room, grabs a nuk and tries to climb in her crib.  I hope her brother is a great sleeper like she is!

6.  She helped me bake brownies today.  She loved it!  I forgot to pull out our matching aprons.  Mine says #1 Mommy and hers says Mommy's Lil' Helper.  They're adorable!

Helping me pour the oil (taking a picture while holding the oil to make sure she doesn't spill it all over the place doesn't make for a great picture).

Her favorite part (besides eating them)...stirring!
7.  How cute is she with a ponytail in?  I think it makes her look so grown up!  I will have more pictures from this ponytail day in tomorrow's Tot School post.

8.  I'm excited for a relaxing Mother's Day tomorrow.  We're meeting my family for brunch, but then just spending the day with the three of us.

9.  Aunt Joan, your delicious quesadillas at the farm last weekend made me want to go out and buy a quesadilla maker.  I think I will buy one as a Mother's Day gift to myself.  My other present was my van :)

10.  It's 8:00 on a Saturday night and I'm ready for bed.  These are the times I am thankful we have a TV in our bedroom so I can curl up in bed and watch my shows, especially since Tyler has the Jackass movie on and I am about to throw up.  Meanwhile, he is laughing his butt off!


  1. So glad to hear you are coming tomorrow! Those pictures of Kyla helping you are so cute. See ya tomorrow.

  2. I know, Grey's is always so dramatic! lol. Was it last season they ended with the lockdown/shootout in the hospital? haha I will be so mad if Dr. Karev (sp?) leaves the show---he's my favorite! But I kinda like all the story lines they have going so I'll be sad to see anyone leave.

    My grandma gave us a quesadilla maker for Christmas and we love it! :-)

  3. I CAN NOT wait for Monday night!!!!! I love Emily; she is so sweet, and I always get hooked on this show as it is.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day tomorrow!

  4. I'm excited for the new bachlorette.

    Happy Mothers Day

  5. I cannot wait for the Bachelorette! I really hope it works out for Emily! And I LOVE Kyla's little pony tail! Her hair is getting so long!

    Happy Mother's Day!