May 31, 2012


I know most of you visit my blog to see pictures of Kyla.  I apologize that I don't have a ton lately.  But I hope you all understand that I write this blog for me.  Of course I love that I have followers and friends and family that enjoy reading, but I have to sometimes remind myself that I don't have to just post to make others happy.  This is my journal.  My little diary.  And my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.  So today is one of those days where I just wanted to reminisce a little bit.  Thanks for understanding :)

Tyler and I started dating in March of 2003, got married in 2006 and had Kyla in 2011.  We were very lucky to be able to have a lot of fun and experience a lot of cool things before starting a family.  Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of fun now too, but a different kind of fun.  And let's be honest, you just can't do the things you did without kids once you have them.  But I'm thankful that we had those years to enjoy being a couple, take impromptu trips if we wanted or go out with friends without a care in the world.

Our wedding day - July 15, 2006

I thought it would be fun to look back and post a few pictures from our honeymoon in Hawaii.  What an amazing trip that was!  We both want to go back, but realistically it probably won't be for a very long time.  Maybe our 20 year anniversary?  Haha.

Our view from our room

Booze cruise :)

We were on top of a volcano waiting to watch the sun rise.  There was a van that drove us up there and then we rode bikes back down the volcano.  I was scared out of my mind because we basically rode straight down the entire time.  I was such a slow poke.  Tyler would ride ahead and then wait for me.  It was definitely one of my favorite things we did though!  And yes, it was freezing up there!

Just hanging out on a volcano above the clouds, no big deal :)

Ahhh, no wonder I want to go back!

Newlyweds :)

Our first morning there our times were all screwed up from the time difference so we were up at like 4:00 in the morning and decided to take a walk on the beach.
The Spring after we got married, we took a trip to Italy and Greece.  My uncle takes high school students on amazing trips every year and he generously offered for us to tag along.  How could we turn that down?  Unfortunately, I can't find our pictures from that trip on our computer.  I only have an actual photo album.  Bummer!  But let me tell you, it was ahhhmazing!  All of our sight seeing, transportation and meals were included so we really had no cares in the world.  We literally just got to tag along and see so many amazing things.  I am so thankful we were able to experience all of that!

Another fun memory I have is doing the Great Urban Race in 2009.  It's basically like the Amazing Race, but a smaller, one-day race.  They have races all over the country so we did it in Madison.  They give you a bunch of clues/tasks and you have to run all over the city trying to get them all done.  Although we didn't place that great, it was a lot of fun and definitely one of those things that we are both glad we did.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone!  I'd love to do it again some day!

We finally finished and were hot and exhausted!

As much fun as we had, we were more than ready to give those days up to start a family.  We're excited to continue making new memories with our children.


  1. What a fun post, Amy! I loved hearing your story and seeing some pictures. My favorite has to be the one of you guys on a VOLCANO!!!! How cool!!!!!

  2. How fun! I've never been to Hawaii but my brother in law and sister in law went there for their honeymoon and loved it...and my mom went there on a girl's getaway before getting married hehe. Great pics!

  3. How fun. Its always fun to see what couples were like before havin kids. I went to Hawaii for a week after I graduated high school with some girlfriends it was awesome. Cute pictures

  4. Just found your blog through another reader-your little girl is adorable and great tot school ideas! I love that you are wearing matching ALICE shirts---I have a really close friend whose husband works there...sounds like a cool race!!! Looking forward to reading more!