May 7, 2012

Our day at the dog tracks

I was planning on leaving my house at 10:00 yesterday to head to my mom's.  Well, 9:45 rolls around and Kyla is STILL sleeping!  I really wanted to see her before I left so I told Tyler I was just going to go in and peek on her.  He didn't want me to because he said I'd wake her up.  I told him to come with me so he could see that I didn't.  We went in, got a good peek at our sleeping angel and went to leave her room.  And Tyler's ankle cracks really loud and wakes her up!  She saw us leaving her room and started bawling.  So of course I had to scoop her up.  She wasn't happy about being woke up and needed Mama for a good 10 minutes.  I got her settled down and off I went.  A little late start, but at least I got to see my baby :)

My mom, step dad and I met my aunt, uncle and cousin at the dog tracks.  I absolutely love the races.  It's only $2 to make a bet and they last for 3 hours so you can have a whole afternoon of fun and not spend a ton of money.

Last time I went with my mom I actually came out $100 ahead!  I was hoping for the same luck yesterday.  Unfortunately for me, my cousin Kirsten had all the luck.  She ended up coming out $180 ahead!  She's a college student and it was her birthday the day before so I was happy for her, even though I didn't show it in this picture...

It was such a fun time (even if I lost a little money).  We only go once a year so it's something we always look forward to.  I was pleasantly surprised when the lady taking the bets asked me if I was 21.  Considering I'll be 30 in October, I'll take it as a compliment!

My little Mama's girl was happy to see me when I got home.  She was exhausted from a full day of playing with Daddy so all she wanted to do was snuggle, which was fine with me :)


  1. I had to laugh when you said Tyler didn't want her to wake up but you still insisted on going in. I just knew how this story was going to end!! :)

    Love your face in the picture, and your belly is looking super cute!

  2. My parents would take us to the dog track when we were in middle school---and they'd let us make our picks and then they'd place their bets using our picks lol. I remember it being so much fun! :-)