May 21, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

First, I apologize to all my Tot School followers...I was horrible about taking pictures this past week so I don't have a post for the week.  It was another one of those weeks where I didn't plan a whole lot, but let Kyla do the planning and tell me what she wanted to do.  We did a lot of fun things, but I was just really lazy about taking pictures.  I will do better this week!  Sorry, guys!

Yesterday I decided I was going to start meal planning.  I tried this one other time, but it only lasted a couple days.  But I've really got to do better.  I need to be a better wife and mom and have dinner ready (or at least planned) when Tyler gets home.  Granted, I haven't been feeling the best the last couple of weeks, but I've been a huge slacker when it comes to making dinners and keeping up with the housework.  I'm still supposed to take it easy (doctor's orders), but when it comes to housework, if I just do a little at a time, it won't be so much work all at once.  And making dinner isn't exactly strenuous so I don't really have a good excuse there :)  And by the way, Tyler has never complained about dinner not being ready.  This is all about me wanting to be better. 

Besides just being too lazy to plan out meals, the other problem I have had is that I usually only buy enough groceries for a few days.  But yesterday I bought enough for at least two weeks!  So meal planning it is!  And I've decided to post my plans on here every other Monday so that I can keep track of it and make myself accountable.  Plus I can just look back at previous weeks to get ideas.  I am going to plan two weeks at a time.

I am going to start by just posting my dinner plans.  During the week, breakfast usually includes cereal and now fruit (Kyla just starting liking fruit again, she took a little hiatus for awhile there).  She also loves pancakes.  I save those for bath days because she never fails to get syrup in her hair!  On the weekends, Tyler almost always makes eggs and toast for Kyla, which she loves!  We will also sometimes have waffles or french toast and Mama's favorite treat, cinnamon rolls!  I may start planning lunches for Kyla and I too.  We basically have a rotation of chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and macaroni & cheese (with some kind of fruit in there too).  Sometimes we have leftovers from the night before.  Snacks for Kyla usually include fruit snacks, graham crackers (her new favorite), apple slices, jello or pudding.

Now I know I've said this before, but I am NOT a good cook.  At all!  So you will soon find out that our meals are very simple.  And we grill out a lot in the summer!  I would love to learn new recipes so I'm hoping by posting this, some of you will share some of your favorites!  I like tasty recipes that do not require a million expensive ingredients.

Here we go for this week and next...

Monday, May 21st - Lasagna with garlic bread
Tuesday, May 22nd - Brats on the grill with tator tots and broccoli
Wednesday, May 23rd - Grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing, baked potatoes and a vegetable steamer
Thursday, May 24th - Waffles, strawberries, sausage links (breakfast for dinner has always been one of my favorites!)
Friday, May 25th - Pizza (we almost always do pizza on Friday's)
Saturday, May 26th - We're going to Brat Fest!
Sunday, May 27th -  Grilled cheese with french fries
Monday, May 28th - Pork chops and potatoes on the grill with a vegetable steamer
Tuesday, May 29th - Chicken alfredo (I am a cheater, I buy the Stouffer's family meal.  It is SO good though)
Wednesday, May 30th - Tacos
Thursday, May 31st - Chicken fries and garlic mashed potatoes from Schwans (I have a dentist appointment at 4:00 and won't be home until about 5:15 so Tyler will probably start dinner so I planned something easy)
Friday, June 1st - Pizza
Saturday, June 2nd - Spaghetti with garlic bread and salad
Sunday, June 3rd - Cheeseburgers on the grill with tator tots

Another big reason I need to meal plan is I like to eat out way too much!  I am always talking Tyler into going to Culver's or Buffalo Wild Wings.  I blame it on the pregnancy!  As all of you know, I am a Thirty-One consultant.  I have my own checking account just for my business.  Well, whenever we go out to eat or out for ice cream, I always buy from that account.  It makes me feel good that I'm pitching in a little bit and allowing us to treat ourselves once in awhile (or once a week, oops).  But now I have a brand new van that I am going to be paying for with my Thirty-One money.  Which means I need to watch my spending!  So I am hoping I will stick to this plan and we won't be eating out as much!  I still think it's ok to eat out once in awhile, but once a week is too much for us!

So anyway, who else out there plans out their meals?  My friend, Bri, has a blog and she actually just posted about her meal planning today too, which was so crazy since I just decided last night I was going to do this too!  You can check out her blog here.  I'd love to share meal ideas with other people!  And I know Tyler would probably appreciate some new meals around here since we always are having the same things.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you plan meals, if you have a good recipe I can try, or if you read other blogs that I may enjoy!  Thanks :)


  1. I meal plan too. It's so much easier to go shopping when you have meals planned out. I plan my meals for 10 days & it's always worked really well for us.

  2. For all you people that read Amy's blog, she is a VERY good cook. Don't let her tell you any different.
    Love ya Amy!

  3. I just posted on Bri's blog that you guys are making me feel really lazy! haha. I really need to start doing this---maybe next week ;-) Your meals sound similiar to what I like to make though...fairly easy and uncomplicated!

    There is a meal that I make a lot that is easy and Lee loves it. Basically it's about 1.5 lbs hamburger (cooked) and you add onion and green pepper and chili seasoning packet. Once that's all cooked together you stir in tomato sauce and then pour the mixture in a casserole dish. Then take one of those little blue boxes of cornbread mix and mix it with evaporated milk and pour that mixture on top of the with shredded cheese and bake for like 45 minutes. It's pretty good! I think it's called "mexican cornbread bake" could probably google the recipe :-)

  4. If you don't use Pintrest, you need to! This is where I find all of my awesome recipes, and all of them that I have made are super easy (and Cory approved)!
    I do my grocery shopping once a month because of the way I get paid, but if I can plan out some meals and recipes, it helps a lot, especially with our budget!