May 22, 2012

Maybe the most random post ever...

Tuesday's are usually my pregnancy updates, but I decided to not do a full 26 week post today.  Mostly because not much has changed from last week and I feel like I would be typing all of the same things.  And I surely don't want you to get bored :)  But here is my belly picture for the week...

See the little redhead trying to escape out the front door? :)

As far as how I've been feeling, I have good days and bad.  It's SO incredibly hard  to take it easy.  I want to take Kyla outside all day and I just can't.  She runs and runs and doesn't know better to stay out of the street yet so I all I do is chase her.  That doesn't really go well with my "resting" plan.  Luckily her Daddy is the best and takes her outside and lets her run when he gets home from work.

Let's see, what else is going on around here...

~Kyla gets the biggest kick out of doing the little piggies with her toes.  She loves when Tyler does one of her feet and I do the other.  It is adorable.

~We bought her a little pool over the weekend since it was so hot out.  She likes it, but refuses to sit in it.  She does this with her baths now too.  Not sure what the deal is.  She loves to play standing up in the water!  We had our neighbors over for a little swim date.  I wish Kyla was as chill as Dean is!  He loved just sitting in the water!

Tyler was trying to get her to sit by Dean for a picture.  Haha, yeah right!

Dean's thinking "Get a grip girl, it's just water!"

I'd rather stand up and throw all the toys out of the pool

Drying off on the swing :)
~I'm really excited to finally get some flowers planted around the house this weekend! 

~I have started a list of things to get done this summer and I don't think Tyler is going to appreciate it very much.

~How cute is this face?

~Who are you rooting for on the Bachelorette so far?  I know this might amaze you, but I don't know who wins.  Yet.  Reality Steve hasn't posted it yet so I feel like I can post my favorites.  I want to see more of Sean.  I think he's really cute and him and Emily would be adorable together.  Very Ken & Barbie like.  I also think Jef is really sincere.  I'm starting to get over his weird hair.  I think Emily really likes him!  I did like Ryan, but now I think he is a little too much of a macho man for me.  I think Emily really likes Arie too.  The jury is still out about him for me.  What do you guys think?

I love that Emily is very open and honest about wanting more kids.  I think her exact words were she wanted a van full of kids.  Smart woman :)

~Tonight is night 2 of my meal planning.  No trips to Culver's yet.  But I think I need to unsubscribe from some emails because Culver's and Applebee's both just sent me a coupon.  They're just begging me to come in and use it.  Ugh!

~Lately Kyla likes to look at our wedding albums and point to Daddy.  It's so cute!


~I know these are horrible pictures, but I just love her in a ponytail.  And this adorable new Minnie Mouse outfit...

Big girl can climb up on Grandma's chair now!

I'm also loving Kyla's new Garanimals sandals from my mom.  I want to get them in a size 5 too because I think she will be in them by the end of summer.  They are the greatest sandals ever!
~If you are one of those people that only read my blog when I post it on Facebook, you should really become a follower.  Ok?  Thanks!

~So, is this a random enough post for you yet?  Haha, sorry, this is how my brain works most days.  Completely sporadic!

~I am having sand volleyball withdrawal really bad.  I basically haven't played for the last three summers.  I subbed once in a great while last year.  But Tyler plays so we can't both be gone (plus I'm way too pregnant to play this summer anyway).  I mean I'm sure Kyla would hold down the fort, but ya know :) 

~How perfect are my Thirty-One bags for all of my Tot School stuff?  Who needs organization in their house?  I can help!  And I can give you a great deal ;)

~Time to snuggle with my baby, get her ready for bed and then watch Donald (hopefully) win Dancing with the Stars!


  1. I love her little swimsuit! Brielle is the opposite of Kyla...Lee bought a pool for them tonight and we were filling it up (but the water was obviously super COLD coming out of the hose, and Brielle just dove right in and rolled around in the freezing cold water for like 20 minutes. I think her hands and feet went numb! :-p

    Raya would be jealous of her Minnie outfit!

    Once I figure out my organizational plan for these toys I'll definitely be getting some more thirty-one stuff I'm sure. Yours look so cute all nice and organized!

    And Donald did really well last night---loved his freestyle!

    1. I'm hoping a few more times in the pool and she'll be diving in. Not holding my breath though. I love how fearless Brielle is!

      GO DONALD! His freestyle was awesome :)

  2. It's hard being laid up and not being able to do as much with the kids. So sweet of Tyler to take Kyla outside when he gets home!

    Fun that you had a little pool play date! The kids look cute in there!

    I am watching Bachelorette too, but I haven't watched last night's episode yet. Those are pretty much the same guys I am hoping for at this point, but I can't remember all their names yet. We will have to see after I watch last night's!!