May 10, 2012

Kyla's first timeout

This isn't the actual timeout picture.  We were just reenacting it for blog purposes.  As you can tell, she's not a fan!

She had her first and only (so far) timeout on Tuesday.  She is usually pretty good about listening to Tyler and I when we say "No".  But on Tuesday, she was definitely testing her limits.  She kept trying to turn the knobs on the stove, which I consistently said no to.  But she kept going back to them.  Then she kept opening the cupboard door and trying to dig in the garbage.  I told her no and told her that if she did it again, she was going to timeout.  I actually no idea what my timeout plan was, but I figured I'd just wing it.  Sure enough, she went right back to the garbage!  To timeout we go!

I looked around for the closest corner.  All of the corners in the kitchen have lazy susans and you can just imagine how that would go.  The main corner in the living room has furniture in front of it.  So the front door it was!

I sat her down and calmly explained to her what timeout is and why she was sitting there.  She kept trying to get up and I would gently sit her back down.  A couple times trying this (along with much frustration and grunts), she cried and cried.  It actually did break my heart, but I knew I had to be stern because hopefully this timeout strategy will help with discipline in the future.

Tyler came home while she was crying in the corner so he got to witness the first timeout too.  When she was done, I thought she'd run straight for Daddy, but she ran away from him and right to me, wanting me to pick her up.  I guess she forgave me :)

She has been a little angel the last two days so she hasn't made her way back there yet.  I do think we need to find a new corner because there is a door stopper in that corner, which she eventually found and started flinging.

I'd love to hear other mom's timeout stories.  Where is your timeout area?  Does it work?  As I did with the timeout on Tuesday, I'm basically "winging" this whole parenthood thing and figuring things out as we go.

On a completely different note, I wanted to share a good coupon I found the other day.  I'm always cutting coupons and printing them from the internet, especially from Target.  With this coupon, you can get two FREE travel sized tubes of sunscreen.  I know, travel sizes aren't the best, but when they are free, they are great!  Go here and you can print a $1 off coupon for Coppertone sunscreen and a $1 off coupon for Banana Boat sunscreen.  Target sells both brands in their travel size aisle for $0.99 so you can get both of them free!

I actually was able to print each coupon twice so I got four tubes for free.  They will be perfect to keep in my purse for emergencies.  Like last weekend out at the farm when I thought there was no way I would need sunscreen, and an hour into our birthday party, my little fair skinned redhead was getting burnt.  Thank goodness my well-prepared cousin, Erica had some!

***Update - I just noticed my second group of coupons I printed say "Excludes trial/travel size".  My first ones didn't.  Hopefully all of you can print the good ones without this on it.  Otherwise Target got smart and changed them.  Hopefully that's not the case though!

And lastly, I thought I should post a couple happy pictures too.  We had a fun time at the park today!  Ponytails are definitely becoming a must and she is so stinking cute in them!

Since she did turn 16 months old yesterday, I will hopefully have her monthly update tomorrow!


  1. how dare you put that cute little girl in timeout. LOL just kidding. I utilize timeouts with both of my children and they work well. It is a great alternative to any other form of punishment that only frustrates both child and parents. Kuddos to you Amy for being stern, I know how hard it can be when we see our little ones upset but gotta stick to our guns :)

  2. Poor Kyla--what a mean mommy you have! ;-)

    Well *my* little angel has never had a timeout hehe....but my older not-so-angel daughter has them frequently! From about Kyla's age until 2.5 years we had a timeout space in every room of the house pretty much. It wasn't always a corner, just a spot where we consistently put her if she was in timeout so she kinda knew. (Behind the couch, in the hallway, etc.....usually tried to pick a spot where it was outta the way and she wouldn't have much to look at). Then at about 2.5 years we just started sending Raya to her room (which she hates and she doesn't play at all in there...just cries it works. We probably wouldn't do that if she went in there and played with her toys.)

    Oh, and after timeou I make them appologize and give hugs and kisses if they hurt someone. Otherwise I don't do a lot of explaining/talking.

  3. aaww...the park pictures are precious!!!! We too have started timeout with Addie and she's not a fan but it does seem to work. We give her 3 opportunities to stop and then place her in time out...which is actually in her room. She screams and it breaks my heart!!!

  4. Super nanny uses a little stool to sit on you can take room to room if needed haha! I'm not a mom just yet but I learned that from reality television so it has to be correct....right? Ha ;)

  5. Time outs are always hard at first. I do time out with both girls. I give 3 warnings & then they sit in time out for their age. We have stairs so they get put on the first step. I set them there explain why they are there & then set the timer. When the timer goes off I reexplain why they are there & then make them apologize & then we give hugs & kisses. Keira has only sat in timeout a few times

  6. Poor little Kyla, she looks so sad! It is hard to not scoop them up, isn't it?!? For us, timeouts work great! My girls, especially W cry when they get them, and I have found other punishments don't work as well. I put them in a chair that I have pulled away from the table and other things that could distract them. They get 1 minute for their age, so R gets a 5 minute time-out if she ever has them, and W gets a 3 minute one. I always explain, like you did, why they are going in time-out. After it is over, they have to apologize to whoever and say why they are sorry. Then I make them ask that person if they forgive them. I think sometimes it's too easy to just say sorry and that's it, so that's why I do the last part.

  7. I've been following for a month or so now since our daughter's are less than a week apart in age and I love seeing ideas for tot school. But I must say I'm a little sad to see her put in time out. My little one is very smart but there is no way she would understand the concept of punishment. Here's an article on the negatives of time outs (because knowledge is power) and another on time out technique (since you know her better than anyone and this could be the right direction.) I would want to know if it were me :)

  8. Time outs sure beats spanking or slapping. And as far as I am concerned they do work ... just saying.