May 11, 2012

Happy 16 months Kyla!

Weight: 25 lbs 3 your 15 month checkup and I haven't weighed you since
Height: 31.25"at your 15 month checkup
Teeth: 16 (Your four I-teeth just came through)
Diaper:  5
Clothes: 24 months - 2T
Shoe: Size 4
Hair: 3 different shades...mostly red, but it's coming in really light in the back
Eyes: blue

Favorite foods:  You are a great eater!  You pretty much love whatever we give you.
Favorite toys:  your new musical puppy from Grandma, your babies, balls, phones, books
Favorite activities:  climbing up into your chairs, playing outside, emptying things and putting them back in their container, looking out the windows, riding on Daddy's shoulders

 What you've been up to:
~Your favorite thing to do is play outside.  You love to just run around and explore!
~You are still loving playing down in the basement too.  If we say "Kyla, want to go downstairs?" you run to the gate.
~You are even more of a dare devil than you used to be, which has led to more bumps and bruises this month.
~You love seeing animals and I can't wait to take you to the zoo again soon!
~You are now saying "ball".
~You ate fruit snacks for the first time and of course, loved them!
~You are such a good girl at naptime and bedtime.  I don't remember the last time you cried when I put you down.
~You hate wearing bibs and rip them off as soon as you can.
~You're getting much better at eating with a fork.  Depending on the food, you'd usually rather still pick it up with your fingers.
~Your obsession with Mickey Mouse is getting a little out of control.  You have absolutely no interest in any other cartoons and when you have your milk in the morning, you say "Ditty" (Mickey).
~You love to snuggle with Mama at night before bedtime.  At about 7:00 every night, you crawl up on my lap and lay your head on my chest.  Mama loves this :)
~You are starting to show interest in Mama's growing belly.  You like to lift my shirt up and rub it.  You also put your head up against it sometimes.  We are trying to get you to say "baby", but you just giggle for now.

I wish you would pose for some cute pictures for Mama, but I just take them anyway!  Unfortunately you have a bruise on your forehead for this photo shoot.  You fell at Mama's doctor appointment on Monday :(

16 months old!  Where is the time going?  Daddy and I can't believe how much you are growing up!  You amaze us every day with new things you are doing.  Thank you for being such a great little girl.  We are the luckiest parents in the world!

We love you!  Love, Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy 16 months!

    Sawyer's hair has a blonde patch in the back still now at age 4 haha.

    In response to you commment on my blog, Raya did pretty well when Brielle was born. Certainly not nearly as interested in Brielle as she is in Finn now, but I got lots of cute pictures of her examining Brielle's hands and wanting to hold her and stuff. I'd say the hardest time (with their age difference) is right now---because they *want* to play together, but Raya doesn't understand that Brielle can't do the same things and if they try to wrestle and stuff then Brielle always gets upset! You'll figure it all out though :-) It's really fun seeing them grow up so close in age together.

  2. I love Kyla's smile in the second picture!! She is so cute!

    Happy 16th month!

    I wanted to ask you, now that you know what you are having this pregnancy, are you noticing any differences, like that you are carrying different or anything like that? Just curious! I can never tell, so I was curious from the other side.