May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

First off, I do not have a Tot School post for this week.  I didn't get a color bin together or tot trays and I let Kyla plan our week.  Hopefully this week she will be interested in things other than climbing in and out of her rocking chair downstairs.

Yesterday we went to my step dad's farm for a fun Cinco de Mayo themed birthday party for my niece Gianna.  It was a blast!  Kyla was one tired girl when we got home last night.  She usually goes to bed about 7:45, but we didn't get home until 8:00 so last night it was about 8:10 and she slept until 10:00 this morning!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our fiesta!

Her first real close encounter with a dog.  She was terrified at first because the dog growled at her, but then Kyla was chasing her around everywhere trying to pet her.  She just kept pointing at her and laughing. 

The birthday girl!

Gianna opening presents and Kyla loving what else...a chair!

Gianna had lots of helpers!

What a perfect cake!  And it was delicious :)

My future volleyball player

Bean bag toss

A random picture, but I love it...nice day out on the farm just enjoying family!

Softball player too, perhaps?

The guys back from a beer run :)

Beergaritas, which of course I had to pass on.  The mustache straws were a very nice touch!

The start of the mustaches...

No caption needed...

Hahaha...the orange mustache was for Emma or Gianna to match their hair, but they insisted on their mom wearing it.

Bean bag champs with matching mustaches!

Future bean bag champion, Owen!

Lookin' good Emma!

Everyone laughing at everyone else's mustaches :)

Three sport athlete :)

Kyla trying to figure out what happened to Gianna's face

Getting a little closer to really check this thing out!

Tyler and Gi Gi

What's a fiesta without a pinata?  Thanks, Mary Lynn!

The audience

The birthday girl swings first

Emma went straight for the head

A little help from Aaron after he knocked both arms off, haha.

Finally, after a lot of work, CANDY!

Kyla could care less about the candy, she just wanted to play ball!  All day she was picking balls up and screaming "BALL!"

Happy birthday time!

She blew the candles out while we were singing instead of after.  That's ok, you can do what you want on your birthday, right? :)

I know the pictures aren't that great and I have a cheap camera, but the important part for me is to capture all of these great memories with our family.  I hope you had a great 4th birthday Gianna!


  1. Of course she is going to play softball!

  2. What a fun birthday theme---loved the cake and pinata!

    The mustaches were too funny :-)

    I must say, I'm missing the tot school update though! Guess I won't live vicariously through your good tot school planning tonight :-P