April 14, 2012

Weekend Randoms

1.  I've had a few people ask me where I get all my ideas for Tot School.  Some of them I think up myself, but most of them I borrow from other blogs.  Of course I get ideas from 1+1+1=1, which is the main Tot School page.  There is also this page where I link up to and get ideas from other moms.  You share your blog and the age of your child so if you're looking for ideas, you can easily see what ages the children are at that blog to see if they will work for your child.  Memorizing the Moments is one of my favorites though.  Her son is only a few months older than Kyla and she has awesome ideas.  But a lot of the time, I just use Google for ideas.  For example, for Easter I typed in "Tot School Easter" and got a ton of blog posts with ideas.  Or I will sometimes type things like "Tot School 15 months" and I get some good results.  But a lot of times I just find things around the house and try to get creative.  It doesn't take much to entertain Kyla.  She gets so excited for "new" things each week.  And by the end of each week I can tell she is thinking "Ok mom, it's time for new stuff!"

2.  I love Target!  Have I mentioned that before?  I finally wised up a couple months ago and got the Target credit card and have already saved quite a bit!  We buy a lot of our groceries there plus a million other things so 5% off really adds up!

3.  I love coupons!  Yeah, I think you probably knew that too.  I had a stack of coupons to clip and did it on the way to Target the other day (don't worry, Tyler was driving).  On my list of things to get was aluminum foil, napkins, dishwasher detergent and cooking spray.  And I had a coupon for every single thing!  I ended up saving over $10 with my coupons on stuff I had to get anyway. 

4.  We didn't have a very productive Tot School week.  I didn't get a bin or Tot Trays put together and since Kyla and I were both not feeling well all week, we didn't do a whole lot of new stuff.  So her 15 month update will probably take the place of my Tot School post for tomorrow.  We will get back in the swing of things on Monday.

5.  We got our IKEA shelving unit today and all put together!  Here's Daddy and Kyla working hard...

Then she was quiet for a long time, which usually means she's into trouble.  But here she was, just playing away :)

I did help too by the way.  I read the directions and told Tyler what to do.  Teamwork!  :)

6.  We have a major Mama's girl!  Tyler is almost always the one that gives her baths, I get her dressed and her hair combed, and he brushes her teeth and reads to her.  Well, lately, when I pass her off to him to brush her teeth and read a book, she freaks out!  She only wants me.  She still loves her Daddy to pieces though :)

7.  I'm waiting for a Thirty-One box to show up on my doorstep with some more cute organizers for our finished shelves.  I haven't even started bringing my Tot School supplies down from the baby's room.  All that is going to hopefully fit on the top shelves where Kyla can't reach it.

8.  I think I'm going to check out JoAnn Fabrics tomorrow and see if I find something similar to the one I found on Etsy.  *Update - my awesome aunt Linda just told me she found the exact pattern!  Woo hoo :)  Now I just need another reason to go to Madison shopping...

9.  We have a new desk downstairs now too, thanks to my aunt and uncle.  They were getting rid of some things so we gladly took it off their hands.  I was in desperate need of somewhere to organize all my Thirty-One catalogs, files, etc.  Now I just need to get it off the baby's floor and onto the desk :)

10.  Now I'm off to do a massive picture upload to Shutterfly so I can send Grandma Cheryl some recent pictures!


  1. Grandma Karen would love some too!

  2. You may want to bolt that new shelf to the wall. When Aaron was about a year and a half he climbed our entertainment center...thank God it didn't tip over!
    (wow, I sound just like Grandma Eunice)

  3. Thanks for sharing where you get ideas! :)

    Do you have any tips on how you do it all? I used to coupon and save a ton, but I have gotten so busy with other things in our life, that I just let that one go. Joe even said it took up too much of my time to cut, sort, and search the coupon sites, so I know it was taking up some time for them.

  4. That shelf looks like it'll be perfect for tot school!!!