April 1, 2012

Tot School - 14.5 months

Tot School
Kyla is 14.5 months

This week our theme was the color blue!  Here's a peek at our shelves (sorry it's crooked)...

I put together a bin of blue things such as a crayon box, blocks, old cell phone, blue flour balloon, credit card, bath toys, Easter eggs, stacking rings, soup bowl from play kitchen, foam squares, lipstick from play purse, tambourine.  I have gotten a lot of these little things in the dollar section at Target.  And the best part is they can be used for these bins, but also many other things.  I make sure to check it out every time I go to Target!

Kyla's favorite thing from the bin were the two Easter eggs.  She would ask me to open them for her (by ask I mean bring it to me and give a little whine) and she would try to close them.  I was very surprised that she was able to get the bigger one closed.  By the end of our first day she was actually opening and closing it on her own.

One tot tray this week was the Doodle Pro Classic.  Kyla wasn't too interested in this because she's played with it quite a bit in the past and she would rather play with the "new" things.  But she did scribble a little bit.

Our next tray was to my surprise, a HUGE success!  I had a Parmesan cheese container and then put some blue pipe cleaners in one of her blue cups.  I showed her how to put the pipe cleaners in the Parmesan container and she caught on right away.

Look at that concentration!

I was shocked how much she loved this!  She seriously played with this tray for 45 minutes.  She was only putting the pipe cleaners in the bigger hole in the top so I modeled how to put them in the smaller three holes on the other side and she quickly got it!

I also took the lid off for her and she tried really hard to get it back on.  This is a whole different skill that we will work on more later.

Of course she enjoyed taking them out one at a time while the lid was off.

I just thought this was cute that she was peeking in to see what she could see.

Our third tray was a cookie sheet with magnets.  The only magnets she has right now are from her fridge farm so since she plays with that all the time, she wasn't too excited about this tray.  I need to get her some new magnets to play with.

After we cleaned up and were ready to head upstairs for lunch on Monday, she pulled the cup and pipe cleaners back out!  She took them out one at a time and put them back in.  It's so much fun to watch her love something and be so focused on it.  Of course not everything interests her during Tot School, but it's a good feeling when you find something that she loves :)

The funny (or frustrating) thing about this next picture is she still isn't using regular sippy cups.  She only uses straw cups because she doesn't know how to tip the sippy cups back.  She just sucks and sucks and gets frustrated when nothing comes out.  We are still trying to teach her and tip it back for her, but she isn't doing it on her own.  So when I saw her do this, I had to laugh.  Tyler did say last Sunday night when I was planning for the week "Maybe you should include how to drink out of a sippy cup in Tot School this week"!

Her puzzle for the week was this animal one...

She basically just took all the pieces out, but couldn't put any of them back in.  This didn't really surprise me because before we started Tot School, the only puzzle she ever played with was her shape one from last week.  So I didn't expect her to immediately get this one.

We did LOTS of coloring and playing with crayons this week.  She is still loving taking all the crayons out of the box and putting them back in.

We put stickers on blue paper and she did much better this week!

This week's masterpiece :)


More coloring with a blue triangular crayon.

And we did blue Do-A-Dots.

Kyla seems to be loving this special time with me downstairs.  Friday afternoon Tyler took her down to do school time because I wasn't feeling well and she wasn't interested at all.  I think it was just because she was bored of the same stuff being on the trays.  I'm excited to have new ones ready for her tomorrow morning.  I love seeing how excited she gets with the "new" activities.

Check back next Sunday for a recap of our fun Easter week, which will also incorporate some of our new school room stuff from IKEA that I bought today :)


  1. Amy, these TOT school posts are so much fun to read!!! I am even more interested in them now knowing I have another little one joining our family in the future that I could do some of this with. How did you start with all of this? Love it!

    Can't wait to see your post on your IKEA shopping trip! Looks like you had a good day!

  2. I might have to try the pipe cleaner & parm bottle with Keira. Good job Kyla. We have that animal puzzle too