April 25, 2012

Our first day at Toddler Time

My friend Erin and I found out about a Toddler Time that our town does each Wednesday morning at 9:30.  Last week we went to the school gym (where they usually meet) to find nobody else there.  So we ended up coming home and letting the kids play in the basement.

This week we heard they were doing it at the library.  Yay for getting out of the house, meeting new people and Kyla getting some social interaction!  Let me tell you this...I think Kyla will do MUCH better when they are back in the gym to play.  Let's talk about how story time went today...

Erin and her son Dean were the first ones there and we were the second.  Kyla was so excited and started pulling books off of shelves.  But she was still being good.  I kind of figured when more people came, she would get shy and just want to sit in my lap.  After all, she is a HUGE Mama's girl right now!  So the people started coming and the librarian started reading stories.  And then all hell broke loose...

Ok, it probably wasn't as bad as I make it sound.  I think as the mom, you always feel like it's WAY worse than it really is.  Anyway, Kyla was not having it.  It started out as just a little whine here and there and ended up in her crying and all the other mom's and kids looking at us.  Yes, we were those people.  One little boy said to his mom, "Why is she crying, Mom?"  Good question, kid!  Ok, so maybe I was paranoid about everyone looking at us, but it sure felt like it.  After trying to get her to stop and getting an evil eye from the librarian, I politely excused ourselves.  And remember how we were the second ones there?  Yeah, well that meant I had to step over about 8 people to get out of there.

We came home and had a little "talk".  She promised to behave better next time :)

Erin did make me feel better by reminding me she is still little.  And she was by far the youngest one there.  A lot of the kids were actually much older.  Hopefully next week they will be back in the gym and she can run around and play!


  1. Tatum struggled with that the first few times we took her. Unfortunately it's one of those "power through" moments. You can do it, and it's good to do it! Don't worry about those other moms, at one time or another, they were in your shoes.

  2. I take the girls to story hour every week. Here's the secret---fill your bag with goldfish crackers and raisins. Kyla will sit quietly on your lap eating out of your purse and won't disrupt anyone! ;-) Works for Brielle anyways. She w as the crying baby the first time we went, before I figured out the food secret hehe.

  3. I hardly noticed Kyla. I did notice the non-toddler six year old that never left the train table. =) Don't worry we've gotten the be quiet look from the librarian when Dean threw himself on the floor screaming at our first story time.


  4. Amy, as the mom who has a kid making noise, you always feel it is worse than the others around you. I am sure nobody even cared or noticed as much as you think. Kyla is still pretty young, like Erin said, to sit yet. I remember my girls at that age, and W especially did not want to sit! They are great now, and Kyla will sit longer as she gets older. She is a typical toddler. :)