April 4, 2012

My little bookworm

The girl just loves books!  My mom called today and asked me if I make her play with books all day.  Haha.  She has so many toys, but I swear she would just much rather look at books.  She brings them to me and says "Dis".  We're working on saying words, but she seems like she's content with the babble for now.  She loves to sit in my lap while we read, but she is always digging her elbows into my belly.  As my belly has grown, it has gotten much more uncomfortable!  So today I decided to put her on her little rocker and see if she'd read on there.  She did.  For a long time!

She was having fun stacking things with Daddy tonight.  Tyler would stack something up and then put a book on the very top of the stack.  So she decided to do the same!  We were impressed that she was actually putting the book on top.

And that's all I have so I'll give you a sneak peek of some of our Tot School pictures from today.

Digging into our Easter sensory bin

Sorting her counting bears

Had enough of the sorting and now playing :)

Easter eggs in and out of the egg carton

Found herself a nice little spot on the tray :)
And as I was about to wrap this post up, I snapped a quick picture of Tyler and Kyla dancing to American Idol.  It's a little blurry because they were moving so fast, but still so cute!

And then Kyla needed a milk break :)

Hope you all had a great Wednesday!


  1. Love the pic of them dancing! Brielle always insists on going to bed so early that she's never awake for american idol! :-)

    1. PS, I love your new playroom rug!

  2. These pictures are so priceless. Love the picture of her and daddy dancing. She is so stinkin cute!

  3. That pic of Kyla is the rocking chair is adorable. Keira is obsessed with books always has at least two at time. Love the new playroom rug

  4. She is so precious!

  5. Look at her face while they are dancing! She is SO happy!! :)

  6. LOVE that first picture of her reading! Adorable! And what a cute picture of her & daddy dancing. I cannot believe how big she is getting!!!