April 27, 2012

My baby isn't a baby anymore

That's right, our big girl is growing up!  She no longer wants her food cut up like a baby.  The other night for dinner we had grilled cheese and tator tots.  Of course I cut her grilled cheese into small pieces for her.  And she refused to eat it.  Then while Tyler was eating his, she kept reaching for it and whining so we finally gave in and let her have the whole sandwich.  And guess what?  The little stinker ate the whole thing!  No more baby pieces for my big girl I guess!

She is also saying "uh oh" all the time!  When she's sitting in her highchair, she'll say uh oh BEFORE throwing food on the floor.  It's cute hearing her say more words, but she's still a stinker lately!

Although she's going through a "stage" recently, she is still so stinking cute, isn't she?

She would play outside all day long if I let her.  She loves just running around outside.  Her and I both seem to be much happier when we have nice days and can get some fresh air!

She now says "pup pup" when she sees a dog, which is so adorable.  She loves watching dogs walk by our house, which is very often.  I will say "Kyla, go look out the window" and she sprints over the window saying "pup pup, pup pup" before she even sees it.

She's also saying "yes" a lot.  Which I guess is better than the alternative, right?  "Kyla, do you want to go downstairs?"  "YES!"  "Kyla, are you ready to eat lunch?"  "YES!"  If I ask her if she pooped, she runs into her bedroom where the diapers are.  It's hilarious.

My big girl can also climb up onto her rocker downstairs and her chairs that go with her table.  She just figured them both out this week.  So what has Tot School consisted of this week?  Climb up on the chair, climb down.  Climb up, climb down.  Climb up, throw something on the floor, say "uh oh", climb down and get it, climb back up, throw it on the floor, etc. etc. etc.  It was driving me crazy!  She's lucky she's so damn cute!

And then she got a little wild and fell off the chair twice so the chairs were then "broken" (turned over).  She was not happy with this!

Don't worry, Mama will fix them while you take a nap :)

She got over it quickly though.

Loving her football and baseball (Daddy and her uncles would be proud)

Making a phone call...probably telling Grandma that Mama broke her chairs.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Tyler's mom, brother and brother's girlfriend will be here so it's time I get this house looking somewhat presentable.


  1. She is so much like you when you were little. And today I can see a bit of Mark in her too!

    1. The one of Kyla crying reminds me of Mark. haha

  2. Cute pics!! I wish Brielle would say yes--every question I ask she answers with "what's that?" haha