April 16, 2012

Kyla is 15 months!

Weight: 25 lbs 3 oz (82%)
Height: 31.25" (76%)
Teeth: 12 and 4 more just breaking through
Diaper:  5
Clothes: 24 months - 2T
Shoe: Size 4
Hair: red, curly and crazy
Eyes: blue

Favorite foods:  chicken, potatoes, vegetables, mac n cheese, eggs and toast, cereal, pizza and your latest favorite, apples
Favorite toys:  still loving books, balls, building blocks, your Brewers nesting dolls and your new babies
Favorite activities:  reading books, playing and running around outside, playing with your cousins, going for walks, Tot School with Mama

 What you've been up to:
~Doing whatever Mommy does (brushing your hair, folding clothes)
~You have started to try to stand on your head and then roll over into a somersault.
~We started Tot School this month and you love all our new activities.
~You are still scared of the garbage trucks when they drive by.
~You have a nasty cold right now and haven't been sleeping the best.  You also have 4 new teeth coming in!
~You have been a huge Mama's girl lately!
~You haven't really been a fan of riding in the car lately.
~When you get a hold of something you shouldn't have (remote, camera) you see us coming after it and you take off running and giggling.
~You are starting to climb up the stairs of your slide.
~You still LOVE to dance to Mickey Mouse.
~Just this week you started answering "Yes" when we ask you questions.  You also started saying "Uh oh".

I didn't get a photo shoot with your 15 month sticker.  But I've put this post off long enough so I am going to include a few from Tot School today.

You're loving our new school/toy room.  You could spend all day and night down there!

You also love your new pink chair from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike!

Studying so hard ;)

Over a week later, your nose is still running :(

I cannot believe how fast you are growing up!  You have such a fun little personality and I love seeing what each day will bring.  You are loving learning new things and I am loving being your Mrs. Mommy :)

Your Daddy and I love you so much!  You will always be our #1 baby!

Love Always,


  1. Those darn colds! All of my babies seem to have them and are teething at the same time.. I wonder if there's a correlation? lol.

  2. Her new chair looks very comfy!

    I love the description of her hair LOL. I would change it though to say "red, curly, crazy, and CUTE!" :-)