April 10, 2012

Easter 2012 at Grandma's

Kyla woke up bright and early excited for a fun Easter day!  She dug into her Easter basket and she got two of her favorite things, a toothbrush and books!  Her basket also had a Minnie Mouse ball, Brewer outfit, and play doh.  We will save the play doh for Tot School!

Still waking up and watching Mickey on Daddy's lap :)

Have you ever seen such crazy bedhead?

And off to Grandma's house we go.  The girls had a blast with their egg hunt.  Kyla was excited to find the first couple and then just wanted to run around with one in each hand.  She didn't want to give them up in her basket to find more.  She just loves being outside so she was happy!  We had a great meal too.  Thanks, Mom and Brian!

I absolutely love this picture of the three cousins!

Kyla was a little hesitant at first with all the people.  She had that cracker in her hand for about the first 20 minutes of being there and wouldn't let go! 

Enjoying Emma's new toy!

And we're off!

It was crazy windy that day and she kept getting blown over.  Poor thing, haha!

She had to get a bag because her basket wouldn't fit all her eggs!

Gianna taking a little break to sneak a peek at a couple eggs :)

Grandpa helping Gi find some in the flowers.

Shaking the eggs in excitement :)

Emma letting Kyla play with her new volleyball.

And she was no longer interested in the eggs :)

Kyla's new Bitty Baby from Grandma and Grandpa.  She loves her!  It's good practice for when her baby brother comes because she keeps poking her in the eyes and carrying her by her neck.  She has a few months to learn :)

It was such a nice day with wonderful family!  Kyla was a tired girl after all that running around and fresh air!  Unfortunately she now has a cold.  She goes to the doctor today for her 15 month checkup.  I will post an update in the next couple of days!


  1. I just love her hair in the morning! Cutest thing ever!!

    Looks like she enjoyed Easter!! :)

  2. I love her Brewers outfit! I wonder if they have one like that for the Cardinals?!!

    I really want to get my girls some bitty babies sometime too!