April 7, 2012

Decorating Easter eggs

Thursday night we met my brother Mark out for dinner for his birthday.  He wasn't too thrilled about me taking pictures, but I did get a couple from the evening.

Uncle Mark with two of his adorable nieces :)

Mmm, sharing his cake and ice cream with Gianna!

Grandma and Gianna

Yesterday we went to my mom's to decorate eggs.  The girls had a lot of fun.  Kyla didn't really get into the egg decorating too much, but she still had a blast.  She LOVES when she gets to play with her cousins!

Gianna using the not so great egg spinner.

Kyla's turn!

Total concentration

Great Grandma Barb and her girls!

Emma made one for Kyla :)

Kyla enjoyed taking her cereal from her snack bowl to the egg container!

Getting some fresh air

Some of the final products :)

With Kyla this time :)

Sharing her cookie with Emma :)

This was when Gianna and Grandma Barb were having a deep conversation about Jesus being up in heaven drinking coffee with Uncle Jim, Uncle Dan and Grandpa Jack :)

The girls did such a great job!
The egg we made for Daddy (Side note - This really frustrates me.  My picture was taken horizontally and saved on my computer so you can actually read it right, but every time I upload it on here, it turns.  Anyone else have this happen?  It does this to me every so often and really drives me nuts!  I usually end up not posting the picture.)

We're looking forward to Easter at my mom's tomorrow with our annual Easter egg hunt!  I'm excited for the Easter bunny to come tomorrow morning too :)

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!  


  1. Boy do I ever have cute granddaughters!!!

  2. Happy Easter! Great pictures, even the sideways one ;)