April 29, 2012

Tot School - 15.5 months

Tot School
Kyla is 15.5 months old

This week we did a review week with our colors that we've worked on so far (red, blue and yellow).  We also focused on learning body parts.  And unfortunately I don't have a lot of great pictures to share because a) Kyla learned how to climb up onto her rocking chair and table chairs so that's all she wanted to do all week b) Learning body parts really isn't a great photo opportunity and c) We did a sensory bin and she was very tempted to put things in her mouth so I really had to keep a close eye on her.

To replace our normal color bins, I made up a sensory bin to review our three previous colors.  I dyed three different kinds of noodles.

Just put noodles in a ziploc bag, add rubbing alcohol and food coloring.  Stir it all around until it's the color you want.  Lay the noodles out on wax paper to dry.

I put some color blocks (Target dollar section) into the bin for Kyla to dig around and find.  She was mostly interested in digging out the red noodles.  And like I said, she was wanting to stick them in her mouth so I put my camera down and supervised :)

Our first Tot Tray this week was Mr. Potato Head.  Kyla loved it!  We talked about each part as we put them in and then would talk about where they were on Kyla's body.  Right now she really only knows where her nose and ears are.  But I think after this week and some more practice, she will have more down soon!

I put Mr. Potato Head's parts in the sensory bin for her to dig out and then put on his body.

Our next tray was some body part flash cards.

There are a lot of cards available, but I focused on eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  Kyla loves her pocket chart so I knew the flash cards would be a hit.  She thought they were funny when I would show her one and then point to her eyes or whatever.

Our last tray was the Colored Geo Forms.  This is another toy that I keep separate from the rest so Kyla loves it every time I pull it out.

She likes to be a big girl and carry everything around.


Some other things Kyla enjoyed this week...

Running around outside

Reading books

Drawing on her doodle pad

Sorting color blocks on the table

Then when she learned how to get up on her chair by herself, she would throw a block on the floor, get off her chair to get it, get back on the chair, throw another block, get down and get it, etc. 

I let Kyla lead everything we do each week.  I show her the activities, model how to do them and let her do it however she wants and as long as she wants.  This week was definitely no exception.  Although I would have liked to focus on the body parts and practicing putting the Geo Forms in the right spots, she preferred climbing on her chairs.  But I want to make sure Tot School is always fun for her so I will not force her to do anything.  She is the boss :)

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April 27, 2012

My baby isn't a baby anymore

That's right, our big girl is growing up!  She no longer wants her food cut up like a baby.  The other night for dinner we had grilled cheese and tator tots.  Of course I cut her grilled cheese into small pieces for her.  And she refused to eat it.  Then while Tyler was eating his, she kept reaching for it and whining so we finally gave in and let her have the whole sandwich.  And guess what?  The little stinker ate the whole thing!  No more baby pieces for my big girl I guess!

She is also saying "uh oh" all the time!  When she's sitting in her highchair, she'll say uh oh BEFORE throwing food on the floor.  It's cute hearing her say more words, but she's still a stinker lately!

Although she's going through a "stage" recently, she is still so stinking cute, isn't she?

She would play outside all day long if I let her.  She loves just running around outside.  Her and I both seem to be much happier when we have nice days and can get some fresh air!

She now says "pup pup" when she sees a dog, which is so adorable.  She loves watching dogs walk by our house, which is very often.  I will say "Kyla, go look out the window" and she sprints over the window saying "pup pup, pup pup" before she even sees it.

She's also saying "yes" a lot.  Which I guess is better than the alternative, right?  "Kyla, do you want to go downstairs?"  "YES!"  "Kyla, are you ready to eat lunch?"  "YES!"  If I ask her if she pooped, she runs into her bedroom where the diapers are.  It's hilarious.

My big girl can also climb up onto her rocker downstairs and her chairs that go with her table.  She just figured them both out this week.  So what has Tot School consisted of this week?  Climb up on the chair, climb down.  Climb up, climb down.  Climb up, throw something on the floor, say "uh oh", climb down and get it, climb back up, throw it on the floor, etc. etc. etc.  It was driving me crazy!  She's lucky she's so damn cute!

And then she got a little wild and fell off the chair twice so the chairs were then "broken" (turned over).  She was not happy with this!

Don't worry, Mama will fix them while you take a nap :)

She got over it quickly though.

Loving her football and baseball (Daddy and her uncles would be proud)

Making a phone call...probably telling Grandma that Mama broke her chairs.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Tyler's mom, brother and brother's girlfriend will be here so it's time I get this house looking somewhat presentable.

April 25, 2012

Our first day at Toddler Time

My friend Erin and I found out about a Toddler Time that our town does each Wednesday morning at 9:30.  Last week we went to the school gym (where they usually meet) to find nobody else there.  So we ended up coming home and letting the kids play in the basement.

This week we heard they were doing it at the library.  Yay for getting out of the house, meeting new people and Kyla getting some social interaction!  Let me tell you this...I think Kyla will do MUCH better when they are back in the gym to play.  Let's talk about how story time went today...

Erin and her son Dean were the first ones there and we were the second.  Kyla was so excited and started pulling books off of shelves.  But she was still being good.  I kind of figured when more people came, she would get shy and just want to sit in my lap.  After all, she is a HUGE Mama's girl right now!  So the people started coming and the librarian started reading stories.  And then all hell broke loose...

Ok, it probably wasn't as bad as I make it sound.  I think as the mom, you always feel like it's WAY worse than it really is.  Anyway, Kyla was not having it.  It started out as just a little whine here and there and ended up in her crying and all the other mom's and kids looking at us.  Yes, we were those people.  One little boy said to his mom, "Why is she crying, Mom?"  Good question, kid!  Ok, so maybe I was paranoid about everyone looking at us, but it sure felt like it.  After trying to get her to stop and getting an evil eye from the librarian, I politely excused ourselves.  And remember how we were the second ones there?  Yeah, well that meant I had to step over about 8 people to get out of there.

We came home and had a little "talk".  She promised to behave better next time :)

Erin did make me feel better by reminding me she is still little.  And she was by far the youngest one there.  A lot of the kids were actually much older.  Hopefully next week they will be back in the gym and she can run around and play!

April 24, 2012

22 weeks pregnant

One of these days I will let Tyler take a whole body picture.  When I have him take these pictures, I always look like crap and only let it be my belly.  But I'd like to have a couple of the whole look.  Why?  I have no idea, haha.
How far along?  22 weeks

Total weight gain:  Yesterday I weighed myself and I was up 14 pounds and today I was only up 10.  So I'm not really sure, but somewhere in that range :)
Maternity Clothes?  Yes
Sleep:  Oh, what I wouldn't give for a good night of sleep!
Best moment this week: Feeling him moving around every day
Miss anything?  I miss just feeling like myself, but I wouldn't trade this for the world.  It is all totally worth it!
Movement:  Yes!  I don't remember Kyla moving this much this early, but he's active little guy.
Food cravings:  Twix bars and apples
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The dinner I made tonight made me a little nauseous.  Tyler and Kyla liked it though :)
Labor signs:  No
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Well, considering Tyler said to me "Damn you're moody when you're pregnant!" I think we know the answer :)
Looking forward to:  Continuing to get ready for his arrival.  Tyler is going to paint his bedroom Mother's Day weekend.  I'm still looking for ideas.  It's fun planning and decorating :)

April 23, 2012

I've had enough!

Enough of these fricken headaches!  Sorry to be a complainer, but I'm just fed up with having a horrible headache every single day.  Last night before I went to bed it was so bad all I could do was cry, which obviously did not help.  I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and remember my head pounding so hard and feeling really dizzy and the next thing I knew I woke up on the floor going from the bathroom back into the bedroom.  Tyler woke up and I was on the floor.  He said he's not sure if me falling woke him up or what.  But anyway, I've had enough!

As a little background information, I suffer from headaches and migraines normally and have since college.  I've been on two different daily prescriptions for them, but both had side effects that I wasn't willing to deal with.  I've done daily journals where I wrote everything I ate and drank down trying to figure out if there were any triggers.  While I was pregnant with Kyla though, I did not have headaches at all.  It was so nice!

The only thing my doctor wants me to take for them is Tylenol Regular Strength, which sometimes helps and sometimes does nothing.  And I hate taking anything while I'm pregnant.  I just want to do anything and everything to keep my baby healthy.  But in order to take care of Kyla and function every day, I often have to cave in and take it.

My doctor said it's very common to have headaches like this in the first half of pregnancies, but that they should start getting better.  He told me that two weeks ago at my 20 week appointment.  He said if they don't get better, acupuncture is one option.  I think at this point, I might give it a try.

Has anyone out there done acupuncture?  I know absolutely nothing about it so I definitely need to do some research first.  But I thought I'd ask your advice too.  Thanks in advance and again, sorry for the downer post.  But it is my blog so I guess I can do what I want with it, right?  Haha.

April 22, 2012

Tot School - 15 months

Tot School
Kyla is 15 months
We continued with our color bins this week with the color yellow!  We didn't have as many yellow things around the house as red and blue, but still got a fairly good collection.

counting bears, stacking cups, blocks, bath toys, books, sponge, eggs

Her favorite thing out of the bin was the little sponge.  She kept putting it against her face and laughing.

And of course she is still loving anything that she can open and close.

After she was done with the yellow bin, she went right for her books!

She got this adorable chair from my aunt and uncle and she thinks it's pretty awesome!  I think she's pretty darn cute sitting in it :)

By the end of the week she could climb up in there all by herself.  This is definitely her new favorite place to read!
Helping Mama stack the blocks...

We also got back to our Tot Trays this week.  Our first tray was yellow pom poms in an empty baby food jar, a spoon and a paint palette. 

There could be many different goals with this tray.  I wanted Kyla to get more practice using a spoon.  She will eat food off a spoon when we put the food on there for her.  But she is still struggling with getting food onto her spoon.  So with this tray, we practiced scooping the pom poms onto the spoon.  I included the paint palette for somewhere to put them after we got them on the spoon.

Now let me tell you how this tray actually went...

I modeled how to get the pom poms out with the spoon.  She just enjoyed "stirring" the pom poms.  She would also sometimes dump them out and put them back in the jar.  I would put them on the paint palette and she would grab each one and put them back in the jar.  This is one of those activities that I just let her be the lead and didn't force the spoon.  This was by far her favorite tray and played with it for about 30 minutes the first day and every day after that.

We (ok, I) made up a little song about stirring :)

Our second tray was the Learning Piggy Bank.

Kyla loves the music that the piggy makes.  As soon as I showed her how to put the coins in, she got the idea, but couldn't get them to fit in there.  She would get frustrated and give up.  So I would start them for her and she would push them in the rest of the way.  This is one of her toys that isn't out in her every day toy bins so I will bring it out every so often so it is still fun each time :)

Notice how she wouldn't let go of the pom poms and baby food jar?
By the end of the week she was able to get them in by herself!

Our third tray was Color Matching Cards.

There are 10 different colors with six cards for each color available.  I chose to only use the three colors we've worked on so far with the base color card along with two picture cards.  The goal is to match the picture cards with the base color.  But I knew that was way above Kyla's level so we just talked about the colors and what each picture was.

We got our Pocket Chart out, which I knew Kyla would find very interesting since it was new.

She enjoyed taking the cards out and trying to put them back in.  I realize she is too young to know where to put them, but we just made it a conversation about colors and the new vocabulary words with the pictures.  She would take a card out, look at me and say "dis?" (this?) and I would tell her what it was and the color.

She colored her Yellow book with a yellow crayon.  However, she wasn't too thrilled with how light the yellow was.  She doesn't push very hard so it was very hard to see what she was coloring so I let her have some other colors too.

Kyla experienced play doh for the first time.  I let her play with the yellow this week, but she was not interested at all.  She gave it a little poke and was done.

 After our "school" time each day, we enjoyed music while we played.  This week we listened to The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band.  Kyla loves to dance to the silly songs!

We had a great week!  This upcoming week we are not going to start a new color.  We are going to review the three colors we've worked on so far and focus on learning our body parts!  Come back next Sunday to see all about our week!

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