March 21, 2012

What makes this pregnant lady happy

With all the emotions that come with pregnancy, I was thinking about the things that make me happy and make things a little bit easier.  I always laugh when women say they love everything about being pregnant and feel the sexiest they ever have.  Personally, I think they're on crack.  Although there are things I enjoy, I don't feel sexy and there are plenty of things that aren't fun.  But yes, of course it is totally worth it!  I mean, I got this cutie patootie out of it :)

I'm sure I could also create quite the list of things that annoy the crap out of me, but I figured this was a little more positive :)

1. Food - Lots and lots of delicious food.  Tyler said the other day that I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where I eat a lot faster.  He said everything seems to be happening about two weeks earlier than it did with Kyla.  So apparently I will soon be eating double of what I usually I eat (i.e. two chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell instead of one).
2. Grilling out - Ok, I know this is food too, but I just love everything about grilling out.  Being outside, the smell, and of course the food is just amazing!  I wish I lived somewhere I could grill out all year.  Tonight I made chicken and potatoes.  Mmmmm!   Uncle Mark, you missed out!

3. Nap time - Oh how I love naps!  I am taking advantage of every little bit of sleep I can get right now.  As soon as Kyla goes down after lunch, I clean up and I'm out! 
4. Stretchy pants - Now it's stretchy capris.  I will be living in these all summer.
5. Tank tops - Long, tank tops that cover my big booty.  These combined with my stretchy pants = heaven!
6. Sports bras - Oh, the boobs!  One of the biggest reasons why I hate wearing cute shirts is because I hate wearing normal bras.  Hate!  I can't find a comfortable one to save my life.  Nothing like spending $40 at Victoria's Secret for one bra that sucks.  Ugh!  If I can get away with wearing sports bras all summer, I will do it!  Don't judge!
7. Belly pictures - I'm not the professional pregnancy photo type of person, but I enjoy taking pictures of my belly each week to see how it's growing.  And as you know, I don't like showing my bare belly.  I don't mind when others do it, just not my cup of tea.  Maybe some day I'll regret not doing professional pictures, who knows. 
8. Massages - Husbands, nothing feels better to a pregnant woman than a back rub.  I like an occasional foot rub, but I would take the back any day!  Unfortunately for me, Tyler hates giving back rubs.  But he does do it sometimes because he's sweet like that.  Ok, he actually just gets annoyed that I won't stop begging so he finally does it to shut me up.  But he's sweet too :)
9. Reality TV - I almost said good TV, but then I realized most of the shows I watch are garbage :)  But I love to curl up in bed or on the couch after Kyla's in bed and catch up on my DVR'd shows.
10. Walks - This weather is amazing!  Kyla and I both love going for walks.  She loves to be in her stroller and talks up a storm the whole time!  It's actually very relaxing and a good stress reliever (plus good exercise, which I certainly need).
11. Ice cream - There's nothing better than ice cream after a great day, grilling out, and a long walk with my babe!

Don't worry, they're not both for me :)  I chose my usual, chocolate shake.  Simple, yet delicious!  I got Tyler his favorite...concrete mixer with mint and brownie pieces.  Even though he had a meeting tonight, I brought it home and put it in the freezer for him.  What a nice wife ;)

What did I miss?  What makes you happy when you're pregnant?


  1. Amy, I am one of those people that say I LOVE everything about being pregnant! Now, I can't say I feel sexy...haha...big would probably be the best word. I have never gotten sick from my pregnancies, so I feel like I have fairly good ones. I enjoy eating as is, so being preggos, I feel like it is a good excuse to eat openly what I normally do and feel okay about it! :)

    I am with you on the sports bras!!! I just decided this past weekend I needed to switch to them and I will probably be in them the rest of the pregnancy.

    Tonight I was thinking Joe and I should go to Culver's and get ice cream, since we are kidless, and now seeing yours, well, that makes me want one even more! :)

  2. I hate being pregnant LOL. The only thing I like is feeling the baby move--that's the coolest! Oh, and I guess being able to wear stretchy pants haha.

  3. These are all good things to be happy about.
    When do u find out what your having? Stretchy pants were my fav too

  4. I am totally loving all of these things that you are loving, and I'm not even pregnant at the moment. I am right with you when you say you can't understand why people think they look their BEST when they are pregnant. When I was pregnant with Kennedy, I was miserable and felt like I looked just the same. I definitely enjoyed the result way more than the during. :) And can I just say how freaking adorable I think Kyla is. That red, curly hair just kills me. So so so cute.