March 18, 2012

A weekend full of pictures!

What a great weekend with beautiful weather!  I have a ton of pictures from the weekend so I won't do much blabbing :)

We started the weekend on Friday with my mom and Gianna coming up.  Gianna didn't get to go to the park on Thursday when she was here so we made sure to go on Friday.  And we grilled out when Tyler got home from work.  As you can see, Kyla was sporting a cute ponytail.  I think she will be wearing many ponytails this summer with her crazy hair!

She just loves to run around and around.  Usually her body is moving so fast her arms are trailing behind.

Speed racer!

I swear I can't get a picture without a book or a milk/water cup in her hands!

Waving bye bye to Grandma and Gianna!  Thanks for coming up to play with us :)
Saturday we woke up to this hair!

Her hair has never been so curly!  Must be the warm weather!

Of course I thought it was adorable so I wouldn't stop snapping pictures.

Kyla and Grandma

Playing outside today while Daddy put the swing together

Do you see that little girl way over there?  This was what she did all day instead of taking a nap...running and making me chase her.

Daddy put the swing together for us!  Don't mind the fat lady (me) sitting next to her.

Stole Mommy's water bottle!

Big girl!

My mom and I went shopping today and I got her those pink sandals from Shopko.  They're a little big, but should fit her through the summer.  More on my successful shopping trip later!

Mmm, Mommy's water tastes so much better than mine!

This is probably right before she said "Ahhhh".  She got us to laugh at her doing that so now she does it every time and waits to see if she'll get a laugh!

Crazy curls!

This is one of many hand-me-downs from Gianna.  I LOVE this dress!

So does Kyla :)

Can't go anywhere without her book!

Scrunching the nose!

Sharing a popsicle with Mommy!

This was the first time she showed any interest in these building blocks.  She played with them for awhile and actually figured out how to stack!

I helped with this big stack :)

And then I pulled out some crayons and paper...

Oh, fun!

But she was more interested in taking each crayon out one at a time.

And then she put each one back in.  She seriously did this for almost an hour while Tyler put together a shelf for Tot School.  She was so focused on it.  We were both amazed.  I thought she'd just dump them all out.  But nope, one a time they came out and went back in.  This made me realize that she's going to love Tot School :)
Speaking of, we have a big day tomorrow!  First day of school!  We are going to the library for the first time to pick out some new books for the week.  I can't wait to share our week with all of you next Sunday :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Please order me some of these pictures. They are so darn cute. She is such a smart baby, just like her mommy and daddy.

  2. She looks very good in red, and her curls are too cute! Brielle just licks and eats crayons lol. She's not very advanced ;-)

  3. You can never take too many pics. Keep them coming!
    Love you guys

  4. Ditto what Sharon said.
    GG Barb

  5. Looks like a great weekend! Love the little ponytail!

    Can't wait to hear about your Tot School week! :)