March 16, 2012

Tot School Planning

I have been busy!  Now that I'm feeling good, I have been very motivated!  I have so many ideas for Tot School and I'm beyond excited to get started.  I'm just waiting on a few things:

My Amazon purchases to be delivered
Tyler and I to get the storage area in the basement organized so the Tot School area is cleared out

I still have a long wish list for Tot School, but I have plenty of things for us to get started.  My Amazon shopping cart and wish list are getting a little out of hand!  I'm going to be taking a trip to IKEA very soon!  I hope to get some organizational things for me to store my Mommy supplies in (things for Tot School that I only want Kyla to play with when they are out, but don't want her getting into otherwise - popsicle sticks, stickers, paints, etc).  I also am hoping to get a little table/desk for Kyla.  And I REALLY want a rug for our school area.  I don't really want an ABC one or with characters on it.  I just want a colorful one with maybe different colored squares or something.  We'll see what I find.

I've decided to start by having a theme each week.  We will do a lot of activities that go with the theme, but will also do some that don't.  I've also decided to do tot trays each week.  I've read a lot about tot trays from other bloggers.  You can find a good description of them here.  It is a Montessori method used to expose early learning skills and engage Kyla's curiosity.  The trays will be rotated often, but using some of the same materials in different ways.  I'm sure there are going to be some trays that are more popular than others with Kyla.  With Tot School, it is all at her pace.  Nothing is forced.  When she is done, we are done.  If it isn't fun for her anymore, we will stop.  And I don't claim to be an expert on any of this so please don't judge.  But I would love any comments you have with suggestions or feedback.  Every kid is different so something that works for Kyla at a certain age, may not be suitable for your child at that same age.  You have to be the judge!  I'm sure I will find many activities that I plan for Kyla that are too easy or too difficult for her.  In that case, I do not want her to get frustrated.  We will revisit that activity at a later time or change it up a little bit.

And I know I've said this before, but Kyla still has her regular toys out and available at all times.  This Tot School time is our special time set aside each day for "focused, purposeful play".  I don't want anyone to think I got rid of all her toys :)

So hopefully we will get everything organized downstairs this weekend and I will get my things delivered on Monday so we can get started.  We are starting with the color red.  I can't wait :)


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the progress she makes at Tot School. You are such a great mommy!
    Love you - sharon

  2. Can't wait to see some of your purchases for Tot School! I struggle coming up with ideas for Brielle to do because it's so much easier to plan activities and crafts for Raya---so I'll be waiting to steal some of your ideas lol.

    Tot School has suffered greatly at our house lately...not enough hours in the day!

  3. I'm curious to see what you come up with too. Cause I might need to steal them for Keira. We aren't doing tot school like I had planned at the beginning of the year. But hopefully I can get back at it soon

    1. I know it will be much more difficult when the baby comes so I am going to do as much as possible with Kyla before that! I think it will take me awhile to get used to two babies :)