March 15, 2012

"That was SO much fun!"

That is what I heard Gianna say as we were walking out of the Children's Museum today.  I think both girls had a pretty good time!  We'll definitely be making another trip there!  But hopefully we won't park in the same ramp we did today.  We had to park on the third (and top) level.  And guess what?  There was no elevator!  And guess who had a 3 year old, 1 year old, stroller, and heavy purse?  Yep, I sure did drag the stroller down three flights of stairs with Kyla in one arm and Gianna leading us with her ears plugged.  I thought I was ruining the stroller, but it seemed to work tonight on our walk.  You'd think a parking ramp right across the street from a Children's Museum would have an elevator.  Unless it was just hidden very well!  The way UP the stairs was just as interesting.  But this time Gianna got stuck carrying my purse.  We got to the top and the poor girl was huffing and puffing and kept saying "That was a hard workout Auntie!"

And thanks to that hard workout, my groin is killing me!  I'm not sure it's actually my groin that hurts, but I've blogged before about my groin/pelvic pain.  Wow, it's not in good shape tonight!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun day...

Gianna playing in the water area (the little guy in the front is our neighbor and friend, Dean)

This was her favorite part, the "really fast" slide.  She went down at least 15 times.

Pointing to the fishies

This is basically what happened all day...Gianna ran around exploring the activities and Kyla followed.

One cousin wasn't really feeling the cousin love at this moment.

See the silly little girl in the TV?

Kyla and Dean chilling...

...while Gianna made us a pizza.  She loved this area!

Showing Kyla how to run the oven

The rooftop area

And...they're out! 
We got home and had lunch and then Kyla went down for a nap.  Gianna loved playing with the slide and we played about 10 games of Memory.  She kicked my butt.  She's such a smart girl!  It would only take her one time to see a card and she'd remember exactly where it was.  I was amazed!  Be ready Grandpa, she said she was going to teach you how to play!

Putting on every article of clothing she could find
 I felt so brother picked Gianna up before Kyla woke up from her nap so we didn't get a chance to go to the park.  She was so upset!  I promise we'll go to the park next time Gianna! 

Daddy, Kyla and I went to swing for awhile tonight.

I love her little hands in the front :)

She knew that I was trying to take a picture of her so she was purposely not looking.  I know this because she'd look out of the corner of her eye and then look down again.  Little stinker!

Oh, but I'll look at Daddy!

And I'll even smile at Daddy!

Take that Momma!

Poor girl had no short sleeve shirts or shorts today.  So a plain white onesie and some old pants did the trick.  I am going to go dig through a bag of Gianna's old summer clothes.  I think she'll fit into some of them.  I'm not going to buy any because my mom just bought A TON of clothes for her from Kohl's online.  Just waiting for them to be delivered :)

Gianna was such a great girl today!  I'm so thankful I am home with Kyla and can do things like this.  We had a blast.  I want to take Emma sometime too.  She'll love it!


  1. Great pictures of the girls!!! Glad you had fun with them.

  2. What a fun day! Gianna had a blast and just loves hanging with Auntie and Kyla! Thank you for thinking of her. Definitely one of her most favorite things to do is to"go to Aunties!"Can't wait for more play year I'll be available just about every day :) Thanks again, great picture too, Matt and I enjoyed them!

  3. Great pics! My favorite is the one of them both passed out in their carseats :-)

  4. Looks like the girls had a great time! The children's museum is on our list to take the girls too

  5. Oh Amy, you take such great pictures. The girls look like they really had a good time. G.G. Barb

  6. Looks like such a fun day! I am hoping to get there before we move, but I don't know if that will happen.

    Love that Kyla wouldn't look at you and kept peeking out of the corner of her eye! :)