March 22, 2012

Taking suggestions...

Now that the basement is finished and Tot School is taking place down there, it's time I decorate a little bit.  I'm going to leave the living room area alone because Tyler claims that's his only "man space" since the toys are taking over the rest.  Haha!

I think that's fair!  But the rest of this needs some cute decor!  And since I am one of the least creative people ever, I need your help!  Here's what we're working with...

I still want to get a colorful rug for in front of the wire shelf.  That's our Tot School area.  And I will have a table (or two) in that area as well.

What do you think I should do on the walls?  I was thinking about trying to cover some square cork boards with cute fabric and hanging them up.  That way we can hang Kyla's artwork and projects up for display.  I thought six of them (3 per row) might be good behind the Tot School shelving.  Here's a close up of the Tot School shelf...

So I'm not sure if six cork boards will look stupid since they would basically be the exact same pattern as these shelves.  Thoughts?

I would also love to do some type of ABC wall art, but don't want to spend lots of money.  Like I said, I'm not creative or crafty at all, but I will certainly try making things if I have good instructions.  I just want to make this whole play area cuter and more colorful.  So I will take any suggestions.  I know it will kind of clash with the sports stuff in the living area, but I consider them two different rooms.  And well, I don't really care.  We need a fun play area!

I've been looking on Pinterest, but haven't found much yet.  I appreciate any input you have :)


  1. do you want it more decorated with a "school" look or play area

    1. I guess more of a fun, school look. But play stuff is fine too. I'm not too picky :)

  2. Amy, you are SO organized! Love the room down there; you guys did great! Target has some great wall decor, that stuff you can put on the wall and peel off when you want to change it up (can't think of what it's called). Anyway, I think I saw some alphabet ones there that might be cute.

    I like your idea to hang her wall art.

  3. You could stick with red and black. I did a quick search on etsy ( I live there when I am not on pinterest) and found this:

    they would be easy to make. Do you still have the red & Black afghan? throw it over the couch. Sharon used to make ABC artwork, she was going to sell it somewhere...
    I know I will think of more stuff :)

  4. of course the link is weird, but you should be able to copy and paste

  5. Check out Target's wall decals! I'm not sure off the t op of my head what they have that might work, but I"m all about the wall decals right now. We got a big tree for Raya's room and it adds a huge focal point and the whole thing was like $ then when you change your mind you can just pull it off :-) Much easier than painting! Etsy has tons of wall decals (I had an ABC one for our playroom at the old house) but Target is cheaper than most of the Etsy ones s o I'd check there first.

  6. Oops, didn't see that the Target decals had already been suggested haha. I guess I second that! :-)

  7. At school they have cork strips, those are nice for hanging artwork.

  8. If you put the wire shelf against the back of the couch, kind of visually divide the space into two separate areas. Maybe making the toy space into and "L" does that make sense? Then a rug there would make a cozy area for play. The things all lined along one wall make the room seem long.

  9. Maybe a hand rail to split the wall, and use chalkboard paint for one of the lower areas. Then you can also make magnet boards using cute material and decorate magnets for her to play with or just get the ABC ones.
    I definitely think you should get a kids table... I know they sell them at IKEA. And a decorative rug. Maybe a book corner with bean bags.
    Just throwing out ideas...
    I wish I could have a space like this! Awesome.