March 27, 2012


Tuesday's are usually my pregnancy updates, but Tyler's not home tonight to take my picture and there's really nothing new going on so I decided to skip this week.  I did weigh myself today and I'm up 5 pounds so I guess that's new, but not very exciting.  I did think it was pretty hilarious what I'm looking at while sitting on the couch typing this up right now...

Haha, I just got a kick out of it for some reason.  It looks like I'm more than 18 weeks, that's for sure!

So this weekend we were up north visiting Tyler's family and he had his alumni basketball tournament.  I did a Thirty-One party for Tyler's cousin's wife.  Kyla got to come with me and play with her cousin, Jackson.  He is only a few months older than her.  They were so cute!  Kyla kept feeding him goldfish.  I only got one picture while we were there, but I just love it!

Aren't they cute?  :)  The only other picture I have for tonight is this crazy one of Kyla running at me like a mad woman on the attack yesterday during Tot School...

You can tell she had her Parmesan cheese container in her hand and it's mid air.  She was playing and all of a sudden took off toward me.  She does this a lot and she basically tries to tackle me.  Now that the belly is getting bigger, it's getting a little harder to handle!  She's done a great job both days this week of Tot School.  Yesterday she played with this container and pipe cleaners for almost an hour and today she colored and put crayons in and out of the box for an hour.  Doesn't take much to please her I guess!

That's all I have for tonight!  I'm looking forward to putting the computer away and catching up on all my shows!


  1. Ha! Love the crazed picture of her at the end LOL

    Yes, Kyla would love a water table I bet! I've also seen some cool "splash pad" things for babies that I'd get if I only had Brielle. They are kinda like inflatable pools only flat with like an inch of water or something, and you hook a hose up to them so they have some sprinkler streams that come out. Anyways, I thought it was a great idea to not have to worry about drowning every time to turn your back for a second!

  2. Your belly looks so big here! Love it!!