March 19, 2012

New wardrobe, my cute little cherry, and I tweet!

I'm officially in maternity clothes now.  And since I had Kyla in January, all of my clothes are long sleeves and pants.  So I was in desperate need of some Spring/Summer clothes (especially since we're having summer-like weather right now).  I hate spending money on maternity clothes because they are so damn expensive, but I have to wear something for the next five months.  So I went shopping on Sunday and got myself some goods.

Some Springy shirts

What I will probably be living in this summer (I got a blue one too but it's in the laundry from yesterday)

I'm not a shorts person, but I realize I'm going to be hot and fat all summer so I'll need them.

Stretchy capris and pants (I got a pair of the capris in black too that I'm wearing now)
And some jean capris
I also got Kyla her sandals she wore yesterday and a pair of sneakers.  And then I went a little crazy at Michael's for Tot School.  All kinds of goodies :)

Our first day of school was great!  We didn't make it to the library because it rained all morning and then Kyla napped all afternoon.  But we'll go tomorrow.  I took some pictures of "school" but I am going to save them for a once a week post.  So here are a few randoms I took today...

She's really into taking out and putting back in...this time with her bus people.

Snack time!

Being cute

How cute is her little cherry outfit?  Another hand-me-down :)

Who's excited for DWTS?  Of course I'm loving Donald Driver, but I kinda wish he had a different partner.  Maybe Peta will grow on me...we'll see!

And lastly for tonight, I'm tweeting!  That's right, I'm now on Twitter.  I don't really know why, I guess I felt bored and needed something new, haha.  Anyway, you can follow me:  @AmyMrsMommy  I'm hoping to do a giveaway soon and that will most likely be one way to enter :)  Leave me a comment if you're on Twitter too so I can follow you!


  1. Are your shirts from Motherhood? I think I saw that aqua stripe one on Pinterest and thought it was really cute! :-)

    I can't believe you have subjected poor Kyla to an outfit with cherries on it---my most hated food of all time! haha

    I've never tweeted I'm sorry to say!

  2. Cute new clothes!
    Kyla's too cute
    I'm excited for DWTS!!!
    I've never tweeted!

  3. I need to go maternity shopping too. Where did you get your cute stuff? Any deals?

    Kyla's cherry outfit is so cute! :)