March 14, 2012

14 months old

Happy 14 months Kyla Pearl!

Weight: To be determined (I forgot to weigh you today, oops!)  I'm guessing about 24 pounds.
Height: Not sure - at 12 months you were 30" long so I'm guessing about 31"
Teeth: 12 with more coming soon
Diaper:  5
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoe: still fit into 3's, but moving to 4's
Hair: red
Eye: blue
Favorite foods:  You eat whatever Mom and Dad eat, but you aren't too fond of fruits right now.  Some favorites are pancakes, lasagna, pizza, green beans, toast
Favorite toys:  You LOVE all books!  You love rolling things down the slide that Grandma bought you too.
Favorite activities:  Playing with Daddy, going for walks, dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, swinging at the park
 What you've been up to:
~Blowing kisses (you put your hand up to your mouth, but don't have the blowing part down yet)
~Scrunching your nose.  This is SO cute!  I'm still trying to get it on camera.  When you laugh and smile, you scrunch it up real cute.  We love it!
~You are starting to run a little bit.
~We are continuing to work on body parts and animal sounds
~You talk a lot, but still in your own little language.  We're working on words!
~You and Mom went for a walk today, played at the park and had a picnic in the front yard.  You loved sitting out in the shade eating our lunch :)

Here is the photo shoot you did with Mom today:

Playing with Mommy's Pringles

There was a smudge on the camera and I couldn't tell until I looked at the pictures.  Bummer!

Talking to the puppy walking by

Being silly with her milk this morning

Still sleepy after naptime

Waving to our neighbor

Posing after  bath time tonight

And of course somehow she found her water cup.  I promise she doesn't have a cup in her hands 24/7 :)

You are such a silly girl!  Thanks for letting Mommy take so many pictures today (even though you wouldn't look at me for most of them).  Daddy and I love you so much!


  1. Cute! I had to laugh about the smudge haha. She looks so different when her hair is all wet down!

  2. Amy, she looks so grown up sitting outside on the blanket reading a book! :)

  3. Happy 14 Months, Kyla! Such a cutie! I feel like she just had her 1 year birthday. Wow! Time flies!