February 14, 2012

My three sweet Valentines

Yes, three.  Tyler, Kyla and baby :-)  We had our 12 week ultrasound today!  The baby was really moving!

The picture wasn't great and I had to take a picture of the picture, but I had to share all 3 of my loves today!

My other loves...

Look at that belly!  Looking like Mommy's nowadays :)

Singing our ABC's

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Much to Daddy's dismay, lifting up her skirt :)

Helping Mom open her card

Throwing the garbage away...or trying to play in the garbage?

Thanks for the cute outfit Grandma!

Along with a card and chocolate ice cream (all a pregnant lady needs for Valentine's Day), Tyler hung up my new Thirty-One home organizer.  I'm so sick of our mail, bills and unclipped coupons sitting on the counter.  So now they can be stashed in the closet in a somewhat organized fashion!  :)

I thought I would share this cute video I took tonight.  Kyla just adores her Daddy and they have so much fun together!  Tonight Daddy was pretending Kyla passed him the basketball and he shot it and "swished" it! 

And although they look like Cheetos, she's eating Gerber Graduate Lil' Crunchies.  Funny story about Cheetos though...they are one of my pregnancy cravings so we had a bag in our lazy susan.  Well, Daddy was home with Kyla and he didn't realize she had got them out.  He found her sitting on the kitchen floor, Cheetos bag open, about 10 Cheetos on the floor, munching away on them and orange all over her face and clothes.  I told him he should have snapped a picture!

Hope everyone had a "lovely" day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Amy, Tyler, Kyla, and Baby :)

  2. Aww look how cute baby #2 is & of course Kyla too

  3. Amy, I had a minor heart attack when I saw you put up an ultrasound with the title of your 'Three Sweet Valentines'... I thought for a second that you were having triplets. Oh Lord... my heart just about jumped out of my chest, I swear! Ahhh! :) Anyway, still loved everything about the post, like I always do! Especially Ty and Ky's cute video. OH! and LOVED her cute outfit... Nice work Karen! :)


    1. Jackie, I got the outfit at Shopko for $7.19. Not too bad huh? I told Amy, I don't care if she doesn't wear it I just want some pictures in it. lol

  4. Seriously, I thought the same thing--triplets! Ha! Happy for your sake it's just one lol :-)

    LOVE Kyla's outfit---that polkadot skirt is too cute!!