February 9, 2012

My feisty 13 month old!

We got her a little doodle pad and she just learned how to pick up the pen and write with it!  She wouldn't let me get a good picture.  Her head kept getting in the way.

Finished product

I remembered tonight during bath time that I had the monthly stickers starting at 13 months so I pulled it out quick before bed.  I didn't get many pictures throughout the day because neither one of us felt great.  Kyla refused to take any naps and was just not herself at all.  Then tonight she threw up twice and I realized she must have a touch of my flu.  She was playful tonight and went to bed ok so I'm hoping she'll sleep through the night.

Her newest thing as a 13 month old is scolding me.  If she's doing something she shouldn't do and I say "No, Kyla!" she yells something in gibberish back to me.  She literally raises her voice at me.  Amazing.  Feisty little thing.

She also started running away from me if she has something she shouldn't.  Today she got a toothbrush out of a drawer when I was going to the bathroom and I saw her starting to put it in her mouth.  It wasn't her toothbrush by the way.  I started to go after her and she turned and started running as fast as she could.

She has been saying "ffffff" a lot and Tyler and her were playing with the football downstairs the other night and he said "football" and she said it back.  Ok, not perfectly, but it really sounded like football.  Ever since she's been trying to talk with words and everything is starting with "fffff".

Our little miss independent doesn't like to be fed so meals are still a huge mess.  Some things you just need to use a spoon or fork though and she's not using them quite yet so we have to feed her.  She hates it.  Soon maybe she'll learn how to use the utensils so we don't have that struggle anymore!

Oh, what else?  She's just starting to grow up so much.  Putting puzzle pieces back where they belong, drawing, bringing Tyler and I books and actually wanting to sit on our lap and read them.  She loves to point to stuff and have us tell her what it is.  She loves books lately!  As you can see in the pictures, she loves to carry all her toys and bring them to us.  And if we say "go get the bus" (or whatever) she will bring it to us.  She's very good at playing fetch :-)

Every day it seems like she's doing something new.  Something to make me smile.  And make me just want to squeeze her and kiss her.  She's the best little girl ever.  I love her so much!


  1. They grow up so fast. Happy 13 months miss Kyla. Hope you guys start feelin better soon. She's to cute. Her hair is getting long

  2. Cute pics! Her hair is getting long! :-)

    Brielle will not let me read her books at all. She gets mad and rips them away from me and then takes them to her chair to read them by herself. And I swear she is chewing me out while she sits over there---as though I wasn't reading them well enough! lol

  3. Cute pictures!!! :)

  4. Hope Kyla is feeling better and thanks for sharing the pics she is so stinking adorable!
    Aunt Sharon

  5. I so love looking at all these pictures of my precious little Kyla and I love reading your blog, too. Please don't ever stop.
    G G Barb