February 28, 2012

20 things to do with Kyla before the baby comes

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I saw another blogger post a list of things she wanted to do with her daughter before she turns two so I thought it would be a good idea for me to get this down in writing.  It's a good reminder and makes me accountable to make sure we actually do these things!  Now we just need it to warm up!

1.  Go to the zoo
2.   Go on lots of walks to the park
3.   Go swimming this summer
4.   Go to the children’s museum
5.   Go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
6.   Paint with homemade finger paints
7.  Have an Easter egg hunt
8.   Go on a picnic
9.    Have lots of play dates with her cousins
10.   Bake treats together
11.   Draw with sidewalk chalk
12.   Plant flowers together
13.   Take some family pictures
14.   Go to a parade
15.   Watch fireworks
16.   Go play at the Bennett farm
17.  Start going to the library once a week
18.   Go to Uncle Trevor's baseball games
19.  Make some crafts/pictures for Daddy's office
20.  Play in the backyard

I can't wait for Kyla to be a big sister, but I am going to enjoy every moment we have with her as an only child.  She will always be my baby.  I love her more and more every single day!

She absolutely loves when I read her books!

I love shoes!

And my kitchen!

Check out this hair!
We are going to have so much fun this Spring and Summer!


  1. sounds like you two are going to be busy :)

  2. I'm making a list too. Great list

  3. Fun list! Brielle has that same kitchen toy :-) Her hair is getting more and more wild e very day---love it!

  4. So fun, these pictures crack me up! She is getting too big.... We cant wait to see the three girls "hunting" for eggs this year! It is going to be hysterical!

  5. OK-I get to help with numbers 3,4,5, & 9. Sounds like a trip to Chicago to me! I know Kirdy wants to take her little cousins to Chicago and add the American Girl Store to that list.

  6. Love this list! I remember when I was pregnant with W. I would rock R ALL the time trying to savor that time!!!

    Her hair is SO cute!!!!