February 21, 2012

13 weeks

As you can tell, this maternity shirt is big, but I wanted to try to take the pictures in the same shirt each week so I needed one that I will fit me at 9 months!

As far as weight gain, I'm saying none.  But I lost 6 pounds with the flu and now have basically gained that back, but when I measure how much I've gained, I am going to figure it based on my current weight.

I'm not in maternity clothes yet (except for this picture).  Kyla and I don't get out much lately so I pretty much live in sweat pants.  When I do wear jeans, I can definitely tell they are getting tight.

Sleep?  Oh, I love sleep!  But I'm not sleeping well at all.  I have to get up to go to the bathroom at least 5 times a night.  And my crazy dreams wake me up a lot.  Luckily I can get rest when Kyla naps.

And here is a picture of me pregnant with Kyla since I wasn't blogging then.  I can't remember how far along I was though.  Maybe around 32 weeks?


  1. Awe look at your cute little bump

  2. You look so darn cute!!!! Love the little belly! That's a great idea to do pictures in the same shirt! I was just thinking when Joe is home this weekend I want him to take a picture of my belly so I can start this too.

  3. Awe! So cute!! & I dont miss pregnancy dreams at all, mine were so weird. lol.