January 2, 2012

Tiny Tot School - Animals

Tot School
Kyla is 11.75 months
I don't have many pictures from this week.  We focused on naming animals and the sounds they make.  Kyla doesn't have many animal "toys" so we did our puzzles a lot and read a lot of books!

She enjoyed playing with her new fridge farm.  Of course I had to help her get the correct animals matched up in the farm, but then it reinforces what animal it is, the sound it makes, and what the animal's baby is called. 

Along with animals, we've been naming EVERYTHING.  "This is a book.  Book."  Even though she can't repeat the words back to us, she can understand what we are saying and is storing it for the future.  Daddy usually gives her baths and they always talk about her little sea animals.

He talks to her about what the animals are and what color they are.  And they have a name for each one.  From left to right we have:  Frank the Frog, Crabby McCrabberson, Quacker, Sammy the Squid, Happy the Hippo, Otto the Octopus, Flipper, Arnold the Alligator, and Jaws.  Tyler the Turtle is in Kyla's bedroom.  She likes to play with him while she's getting her diaper changed. 

She is signing "more" like a pro now.  She no longer whines when she wants more of something, she just does her sign.  She can do "all done" too but sometimes it looks a lot like "Touchdown".  I'm working on "milk" and "water" with her.  She can wave "bye bye" and we're also working on blowing kisses.  :-)

As you saw earlier in the week, she can now drink from a straw.  I let her try my bigger straw cup out and she could suck out of that bigger straw too. 

She's still loving her wooden bead maze.

Here are the books we enjoyed this week...we sang Old McDonald A LOT!  She loves hearing me sing "with a baa baa here and a baa baa there". 

And puzzles...I need to get some batteries for the second one.  It makes the animal noises!

It was a great week!  Soon enough, Kyla will be snorting like a pig and mooing like a cow!  :-)


  1. What a great week of Tot School, Mrs. Mommy!!! You are such a great mama! I am loving reading your posts about what Kyla is doing! :)

  2. Sounds like a great week. I'm going to start this with the girls

  3. I love all the bath toy names hehe :-) Looks like a fun Tot School week!


  4. When my girls were younger that LOVED that second animal puzzle!

    Sounds like you've had a fun Tot School week!

  5. I'm doing a Farm Animal lesson plan too! :)