January 29, 2012

The real reason...

I have been such a slacker blogger...

...is because I have been sick.  Every day.  Morning.  Noon.  And night.  Not fun!

But it's all worth it, because...


That's right, baby Kattre is due August 28th!  We are beyond excited.  A little nervous too, but mostly excited.  Excited to be a family of four.  Excited for Kyla to be a big sister.  Excited to share all of our love with another precious child.  We also feel very blessed.  As you may or may not know, it took us quite a long time to get pregnant with Kyla.  And this time was completely stress free.  We are so thankful.

We will definitely find out the gender.  We did with Kyla too.  You guys know me, the girl that reads every single spoiler I can find about all my favorite shows, the girl that gives and opens Christmas presents early.  Did you really think I could go nine months without knowing?  Haha, never!  Luckily, Tyler wants to find out too.  And let's be real...I'm not a huge fan of all green and yellow stuff.  I like to plan and have everything perfect for the baby when he/she comes.
Tyler really wants a boy.  At first he thought it was a boy, now he thinks it's a girl.  I have a feeling we are going to have another girl.  I'd like a boy eventually, but since they will be so close, it will be nice for Kyla to have a sister too.  We will be able to find out in early April.  And don't worry, you will all know shortly after we do!  :-)

We will not, however, share the name.  Sorry!  I just don't want to hear people's reactions.  And if we're deciding between two, I don't want other people's opinions.  I want to choose what we like.  Not what other people like.  So that will be our one little surprise.

And now back to the crappy part...being sick!  Ugh!  I was really sick with Kyla too so this really shouldn't surprise me.  I can't decide if this time is worse or not.  It's just different because I was working last time and now I'm home, which is nice, but taking care of Kyla while sick is tough too.  I literally feel like I'm going to throw up all day long.  And a lot of times I do.  And along with being sick, I'm exhausted.  I would stay up until midnight before.  Reading blogs, blogging myself, reading all kinds of cool ideas for Tot School.  Oh yeah, Tot School?  We have still been doing it, I just haven't blogged about it.  Sorry!  I hope to get back to a weekly post on that.  But when Kyla goes to bed around 8:00, I am ready for bed.  I have absolutely no energy to blog.  There are many days that I don't even open the laptop at all.  So I do apologize for my updates being so scarce, but at least now I have a good excuse for all of you :)

I hope this sickness stuff will be ending within a couple of weeks and I will get back to normal (as much as possible anyway).

We told our families at Kyla's birthday party.  We went to change her out of her birthday outfit and she came back in this...

Of course nobody even noticed.  I finally had to say "Did everyone see Kyla's new shirt?"  It was hilarious.  The shirt, by the way, was made by Shawna (of course).  Check out her Etsy shop here.

Most of her birthday pictures ended up being in this shirt so that's why I didn't post a ton of her opening presents and stuff back when I blogged about the party.  I didn't plan that very well!

So that's my exciting news!  I can't wait to continue sharing all about my pregnancy, the baby, and being a mommy of two.  Yikes! 


  1. Yay! Congrats!!!!! You take the time to rest...we all understand! :) Amy, that is how we announced when we were pregnant with Willow too, and it was funny because some didn't notice right away! :)

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to meet new baby Kattre!

  3. YAY~ congratulations;) :)

  4. I am with Tyler. Hoping it's a boy. Not sure if I can handle 4 red head granddaughters. lol Hoping you start feeling better Amy.
    Love mom

  5. Yay--it's finally blog world knowledge! And I feel super cool for being one of the first to know ;-) I figured you must be sick since you've been MIA...hopefully it's better soon! I was sick almost 20 weeks with Raya but a little less with Brielle. No one will ever convince me that the all day nausea isn't a sign of having a girl...two times sickly, two girls--that's my prediction for you too! And tell Tyler he just needs to start thinking like my husband....when they're older they will probably want to hang out with Mom and do girl stuff, which leaves him with a very nice chunk of man time when he wants it! :-) Although if you have a boy maybe I'll finally have a reliable boy model for some designs in my shop haha. Congrats again!

    1. oops...and sorry, I didn't intend to write a novel! ;-)

  6. Yay congrats! Hope you start to feel better soon. I'm gonna guess girl & then you can join the 2 girls mom club

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you & your family! Sorry to hear that you are so sick. I was super sick with both pregnancies & it was no fun. I hope it passes quickly for you! I'm going to guess girl too, but just because I think having 2 girls rocks! :)

  8. YEAH!!! SO happy for you, Tyler, and Kyla! Congratulations!

  9. Congrats!!! I have been super sick through mine too. Good luck!!! Congrats again on the exciting news!!!

  10. Congratulations!! Kyla is just adorable, so happy for you guys! :)