January 25, 2012

My little walker Part 2

This afternoon after Kyla's nap, I was going to turn Mickey Mouse on for her.  When I turned the TV on, Ellen just happened to be on with music playing while she danced on her show.  Kyla immediately started dancing!  It was so cute so I quickly tried to get my Bloggie out to get it on video.  Of course when I got it out, she stopped.  But I did get her walking so I figured I'd share that!

I don't know why it shows up so small.  Drives me nuts.

This is what happens every day.  My little clone follows me everywhere I go!

I gotta get a video of her dancing soon.  It's absolutely hilarious.  And with these videos, you get to also deal with my annoying commentary.  Sorry :-)

We still have Kyla's birthday balloon downstairs and tonight her and Tyler were playing with it.  She loves when he shakes it!  I thought this video was too cute not to share.  I know the balloon shaking is a little much, but Kyla just loves it!


  1. Cute videos! Keira loves to dance, it's so cute to watch

  2. Yay Kyla! Brielle must have heard about Kyla walking because suddenly yesterday she started walking across rooms too! :-)