January 31, 2012

Late night cravings

I'm only 10 weeks pregnant and my husband has already been so awesome.  Let me tell you some of the things he has done in the last few weeks at my request:

Just tonight we were watching the Badger game and there was an advertisement for Reese's peanut butter cups so he ran to the gas station and got me a king size.  Don't worry, I let him have one cup :)

At least twice now he has driven to Taco Bell past 9:00 at night for chicken quesadillas (it's about a 20 minute drive one way!).

He has run to the grocery store for milk and Ramen noodles several times.  The only thing I can drink right now is water and milk.  I go through a gallon of milk by myself in about 2 days.  And Ramen noodles are about the only thing I can keep down for lunch.

Tyler didn't do these things, but here are a couple other stupid things I've done:

Yesterday I made cupcakes.  I don't have any frosting and didn't want to go to the store so I've been eating them without any.  I still think they're good.  Tyler disagrees.  I made 24.  There are about 11 left.  Oops.

I drove all the way to Monona a few weeks ago (35 minute drive one way) to Taco John's because I NEEDED potato o'lays.  Kyla was sleeping in the truck so I said I wanted her to get a little extra nap in :)

I almost ate a whole big bag of Cheetos in one night.  And yes, I ended up throwing up later that night.  Lesson learned.

I sure hope this all passes soon.  The things I make for dinner for Kyla and Tyler, I can't eat.  I try a few bites and get sick.  But I sure can manage to eat 3 cupcakes in one sitting.  Ugh!

You know what?  I need to stop complaining about being sick.  I remember when we were trying to get pregnant with Kyla, it seemed like everyone was announcing they were pregnant.  Although I'd be happy for them, it was so hard.  I wanted to be pregnant.  When could we finally make an announcement?  The other night Tyler and I actually felt a little bad about announcing our pregnancy knowing there are probably people out there in the same situation we were in.  And we knew how hard it was.  Sure enough, a good friend of mine messaged me that night and said she'd like to chat because they were having issues and had been trying for awhile.  It made my heart sink.  I felt so bad.  She's so happy for us, but I know it's difficult too.  So I am saying an extra prayer every night for them.  They will be the best parents.  I hope this is the month!

So my lesson learned?  As much as being sick sucks while you're pregnant, there are many people that would LOVE to be sick like this if it meant they could be pregnant. 

And now, here are a few pictures of my cutie patootie with a new outfit on today:

Shirt and jeggings from Target

The jeggings are 2T and are almost too tight.  She's skipping right over 24 month I guess.

She loves to carry things while she walks now.  Today it was our wedding album and pillows.

This is a ring that goes to one of her stacker toys.  She figured out how to put them on her fingers and thinks it's so cool.  Here she is touching her little thumb poking through :)

One of her other favorites lately.  The balls are meant to sit on top and then you hit them down into the maze then the ball goes through the maze and out the bottom.

She wasn't quite getting pushing the balls through so I gave her ping pong balls, which fit without having to push them down.  She LOVES it.  While I was cooking dinner, I could hear those ping pong balls going through the maze over and over and over!

Daddy thought she looked cute laying and getting her finger nails clipped.  She has one of Gianna's 2T shirts on now because she soaked the other shirt with water.
This morning we were doing puzzles.  I usually put the pieces in and she throws (yes, throws) them off.

But today she was actually interested in how to put them back in.

Her favorite is the circle so she always gives me the others.

And my proud Mommy moment of the day...she got the circle  back in it's place!  She did it a few times.  She kept pushing it around the area up there until it fell into place.  What a smart girl :)  She then tried to put the oval in the rectangle space, but I'm just happy she's getting the idea!
And now, it's time for me to go enjoy the drama on Teen Mom 2!


  1. Love the new outfit!!

    I'm watching Teen Mom 2 on my DVR right now haha. Gotta love it ;-)

  2. You are soooo right. So happy you're not complaining! Take all that sickness, girl... it means your having a BABY!!! AHHHHH!
    For me it's when people complain at the end of their pregnancy... I feel like slapping them. I, having had TWO premies, can not understand when people say they just want their kid out already. The longer that baby cooks, the better. SUCK IT UP... you knew this going into it... now deal... and reap all the beautiful benefits.
    Praying for you and that little bun in the oven! So excited for you!

  3. So sorry you are sick. I was super sick with both girls & just ate what I could. Fruit cups & pizza were about the only things I could handle. Fun times! Hope you are feeling better soon!