January 15, 2012

Kyla's birthday party

Does anyone still read this thing?  I haven't posted in almost a week.  Wow.  I'm sorry.  We've had a busy week and I've just had no time/energy to blog.  Forgive me?  Ok, thanks!  :)

We had Kyla's birthday party today.  It was such a great time!  We also got to show off our newly finished and furnished basement.  I will post pictures of just the basement another day (when it's finally all cleaned up from the big bash today, haha).

My aunt Sharon brought her camera and was nice enough to take all kinds of pictures so I didn't have to worry about trying to capture every moment.  She took a ton, but I'm just going to post a few tonight.  I just got done cleaning up all the food and I'm sitting in my spot on the new couch downstairs, feet up, and ready to do absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately we didn't get many with her birthday outfit on because we ate pretty much right away and she needed to change.  But you all saw how cute it was in her professional pictures a few weeks ago!

My mom, grandma and nieces cut the banner out and tied it together with ribbon.  This is how it showed up at my house this morning...

But we fixed it and got it hung up :)

Gianna and I

Gianna and Great Grandma Barb

Time for lunch!

And the best part...cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday!"

Being shy

Sharing with Mommy
Time for presents!

Gianna enjoying Kyla's new toy

Because clearly Kyla didn't want to play with it just yet

Tired baby!

Giving it a try!

Emma showing Kyla how to use her new kitchen

Walking/stumbling to Mommy

Emma with the rally hat on...Come on Packers!

Our little family (after Kyla's third wardrobe change)

Kyla checking Grandma Barb out
Thank you to everyone who joined us for Kyla's party today.  We had a great time!  A big thank you to my mom for ALL of her help!  And thanks to Aunt Sharon for bringing some food and taking all the pictures!  Kyla is a lucky little girl to have such an amazing family!  Even though she wasn't too interested in opening them, she will LOVE playing with all her new toys, books and puzzles.  And of course will look adorable in her new clothes!

I can't believe we just celebrated her first birthday.  What a great first year it's been!  I wish the Packers could have won and our party would have been perfect.  Kyla was basically begging to go to bed tonight.  She was one tired girl!


  1. Just so everyone knows great grandma Barb was in charge of putting Kyla together. Apparently it wasn't noticed last night while we were doing it. It was kinda of funny when I showed Amy this morning. Anyway it was a great birthday party!

  2. LOL...I was so confused by that first picture...I actually had to do a double check I was on the right blog! ;-)

    That tablecloth matched her outfit perfectly--how cool!

    Loved the pictures---glad she had a wonderful party :-)

  3. Amy - we enjoyed ourselves tremondously and as always you have the cutest, most adorable little girl!

  4. Very cute. Glad to hear she had a great party. She looked like she really liked that cupcake. I did the same thing as Shawna when I saw that first picture...haha

  5. Those smash pictures are perfection! Glad to hear she had a great 1st birthday! You've got a big girl now!