December 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another blog-less weekend has come and gone.  I'm sure you're all used to it by now, right?

Friday night I ended up going to see my grandma in the hospital and Tyler stayed home with all three girls (Kyla and my two nieces, Emma and Gianna).  My mom planned on bringing them up to watch Kyla so Tyler and I could go to his Christmas party, but Grandma didn't have a great day so we changed our plans.  I have the best husband ever.  Sorry to brag, ladies.  Not only did he miss his Christmas party, but he stayed home with three red headed girls, fed them all dinner and played with them until we got home.  I guess we know why he's "the best Uncle ever!"

Saturday we had Kyla's pictures taken.  We took a couple of all three of us too.  The whole picture taking experience was about what we expected.  Ok, maybe a little worse.  She was ok at the beginning.  She absolutely would not smile for the photographer so our family ones have a stone cold look.  Then we did a few more in her dress and Tyler got her to smile a couple times.  And then?  Well, I wanted to change her outfit to an adorable sweater with leggings.  It was all downhill from there.  No more stone cold face.  Just bawling.  Like red face and crocodile tears running down her face bawling.  The only thing that made her stop was my awful beautiful singing.  So Tyler and Judi (the photographer) got to hear "I love you, you love me..." over and over again.  Lucky them!  She still wouldn't smile, but at least Judi's family didn't think we had her tied down or something in the basement!  Holy cow!

Ugh, did I mention how stressful pictures are?  I'm getting stressed out just writing about it.  Anyway, I've seen a couple of the pictures and there is one cute one of her smiling at Tyler.  I'll take it :)

After the pictures, we picked up Emma and Gianna because we were having them sleep over.  We met my mom at Pizza Hut and didn't get back home until almost 8:00.  The girls were sad they didn't get to build forts with Uncle.  We decided to have a warm glass of hot chocolate instead.

Clearly you need straws in your hot chocolate!

My three favorite red heads!

Gianna was stirring her "coffee".  She didn't even want anymore, but told me she wanted to keep pretending she was having coffee, haha.
Kyla enjoyed hanging out with Daddy while Mommy went a little crazy with the camera (surprise, surprise)...

It was way past Kyla's bedtime so Emma read her a quick book...

Uncle watched a movie with them for a little bit before they were both ready to hit the hay...

Gianna loves him so much!  He was the only one that could help her with her pj's!

I was a little nervous that Gianna would want to go home right before bedtime, but she did awesome!  And both girls slept until about 7:00 today!  Overall, an awesome sleepover!  Next time hopefully we'll have time to do some fun stuff!  Tyler had his fort building skills all polished up for nothing!

Today I went back to see my Grandma.  She's doing really well!  And I came home to a happy baby and a clean house!  Told ya I have the best husband.  Kyla took a good two hour nap so he picked up the house, did laundry, did dishes, snooped and found all his Christmas presents.  Yep, it's true.

I was home for awhile and he finally said "I have a confession to make.  While I was cleaning, I went to put the blankets in the spare bedroom closet, and..." and I knew it.  You didn't.  Please tell me you didn't.  UGH!  Not only did he see the shopping bags, but looked IN the shopping bags and saw all of his Christmas presents.  All but one, that is.  I said, well at least the other one is coming in the mail so you will have one surprise this Christmas!  He said "I bet I know what that is too.  I bet it's the Band of Brothers DVD set that I wanted."  SON OF A B----!  I was so mad.  Not mad at him for figuring it out.  But just mad.  I never surprise him.  I suck at surprises.  And the one time that I was so proud of myself and excited that he was going to be surprised, I failed again.  I cried.  Literally.  He felt bad.  It's ok.  At least he really liked everything.  I got him a shirt, some basketball shorts for his winter league coming up and some Nike sweat pants to wear over his shorts to and from basketball.  I told him he might as well cut the tags off and start wearing them now.  I guess that'll teach me to find a better hiding place next year.

Besides that disappointment, I had a pretty good weekend.  The pictures could have obviously been better, but oh well.  I get cute pictures of her every day so it's all good.

The best part of my weekend was hanging out with Emma, Gianna, Kyla and Tyler last night before we all went to bed.  The girls were so well behaved.  They are awesome.  I know I've said it before, but family really IS what it's all about!  I love those girls so much!

What was the best part of YOUR weekend?


  1. Awe I'm sorry the pictures didn't go so well I'm sure the photographer got some cute ones. We had a pretty low key weekend too

  2. Those three little redheads sure are cute :) Sorry pics didn't go well, I know how that goes. Max does ok suprisingly, but I can never get Elijah to give me a "real" smile, he usually is quite dramatic. Sounds like a good weekend. Tell Tyler he is a poor sport. lol takes the fun right out of it. But I guess we will forgive him since it sounds to me like you really do "have the best husband ever". Enjoyed your blog today as always!

  3. Sorry her pictures didn't go as planned, but I'm sure you'll still get some cute ones! Sometimes the cutest ones to look back on are the "outtakes" of my favorite professional pics of Raya at 9 months old is of her shoving her face full of puffs, because feeding t hem to her was the only way to make her sit still!

    I always hated buying gifts for my brother because he would guess his presents correctly every single time! No matter how hard I tried to keep a secret his mission was to figure it out. So annoying lol :-)